Hotel Prahova Ploiesti - Review

Right so somehow I ended up in Ploiesti and this meant of course staying at the hippest, coolest most shin diggiest digs in town. The magnificient 29 star hotel Prahova. They've got it all here folks, running water, windows (not the computer version), lights and carpet, albeit pretty dirty ones. I had the privilege of staying here for 4 nights and here's what I thought

Rocking up to the hotel in your privately chauffeured Dacia is definitely an experience to remember, the sex shop just metres away, and a few dodgy looking locals milling around the car no doubt intrigued as to who this big shot is pulling up the the majestic Prahova in a shiny Dacia really made this feel like an authentic Romanian country town. The oppulence of my surroundings was only made more apparent when my bags were dumped out of the Dacia and the driver sped off in a cloud of black smoke and dust forcing me to drag the bags up the stairs into the entrance of the hotel.

Checking in was an interestingly confusing experience, but I finally managed to do it and get my room key. After this I needed a drink, so I opened up the minibar... as soon as I found the half full gin that was apparently still sealed I decided instead to crack the JD I bought at the airport on the way in. I was glad to see that there was a television that wasn't quite from the stone age and the back was accessible so I could plug my laptop in and watch some stuff I had rather than sit there staring at the local TV as they talk in Romanian. I also wasn't the least bit surprised when the input did not work and nothing from my laptop was coming up on the screen.

What else do you need to do after a long journey? Use the toilet of course, maybe a shower? The actual toilet was OK I guess, flush was a bit unconvincingly weak but it did the job... eventually. Overall there was a nice stale smell throughout the main room that seemed to get stronger and get a hint of fungi in the bathroom, but by far the biggest stand out was how extremely small the shower stall was, I was unable to have a shower in it without smashing my elbows around on the door and walls as I was trying to lather myself up, this coupled with the clearly extremely hi-tech but also as clear malfunctioning shower head that could never keep a set temperature for more than 5 seconds. Jumping around because the water has either turned too cold or way too hot was not a nice experience particularly in this vertical coffin of a shower. I hated it and could not successfully communicate my issue to the hotel staff. Having a nice shower is a must, and being deprived of one for a few days was terrible.

Onto the main room, despite the 1970s quality street theme, it was functional, I've already mentioned the TV HDMI input didn't function, and the internet was as slow as you'd expect it to be, but the room had the basics, a large window for natural light, a bed, a seat and a desk. The bed was very hard but honestly I didn't mind it and I found myself sleeping reasonably OK but do not expect a top quality hotel matress and pillows, I mean I was just glad the mouldy odour wasn't too bad when my head was laying on the pillow. There was adequate room to move around, not that you wanna dance or anything, when you come back here you get on the bed, put something on the laptop and crack something to drink, all within 5 minutes of walking in through the door.

Everyone loves a good room service menu and few do more than I. Trying out at least the hamburger is a must do for me when staying anywhere. Sadly I couldnt see one on the menu, I couldnt find anything that I was remotely game to try. Above you can see the prices for the mini bar (I assume the gin is for a full bottle), and also for the food, including 'deserts'. There was a note on the last page to call room service for a wider choice but the one time I did it was a pointless exercise which just ended with me hanging up and walking to the McDonalds down the road.

Earlier I forgot to mention there is a safe in the room, I think I got the room with the demo version as it also didn't work, again something that really bothers me as I always put my passport and a spare wallet in my hotel room safe just in case, and here is one place I was kinda thinking it might come in handy. The breakfast buffet was woeful but there was an egg station and I had an omelette once that was reasonable I must say. However when walking to the nearby McDonalds one day I stumbled upon a turkish kebab joint, I really wish I had sooner, awesome street food, if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to stay at the hotel Prahova, have all your meals here.

Posted May 2017

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