BA Club World Business Class - Review

Whilst checking in for my premium economy flight from Dubai to London the checkin system was only allowing me to select a business class seat! Was I dreaming? Had I come across a bug in the system? Frankly I didn't care, I selected a seat in business class and finished my check in. The next morning I wearily went up to the BA business class counter and checked in hoping not to be found out. The checkin girl was taking longer than usual and even asked me what my seat number was, ummm ur supposed to tell me that? But because I was extra vigilant this time due to the business class seat I remembered it and told her, she then nodded her head, tapped away a bit longer and then gave me my boarding pass and told me where the lounge was. Yes! I fooled the system!

The lounge was actually nicer than I thought, a selection of hot food which had pastas and curries, some breads and a decent salad station which even had a cheese board. The all important bar was also stocked up quite well and the best part... nobody appeared to be around, it was like you had the run of the joint. In this day and age with the numerous ways to gain access, lounges can be like a central train station at peak hour with people everywhere all the time doing everything, was a refreshing change.

After a relatively speedy boarding, the first thing I notice is the space in the cabin, I think due to the seat configuration it really feels quite open, as a passenger I didn't really like this, kinda felt like an open plan office where everyone can see what you're doing. The seats are set out in pods that are next to each other but also face each other, you then have this little window between you and your fellow passenger than can be lowered with the touch of a button so you can have a little 1 on 1 time if you so desire. You're also handed a little grooming pack which had some creams, a comb and a toothbrush. The width of the seat only felt a little more than what an economy seat would offer, however the fact it goes flat the the extension of the foot rest obviously means this is a far superior and allowed for some decent rest during the flight.

The length of the seating area was quite ample and the completely flat bed wasn't too bad I must admit, the screen isn't the largest but it does the job with a decent selection of stuff on board to watch, the noise cancelling headphones were also comfortable and quality. I will say again though, the open feel to the cabing really made it feel like I was laying on a foldable bed in the middle of the plane, felt far to exposed. Cabin attendants were also quite attentive, or maybe it felt that way considering I was told so much bad stuff about BA service, honestly I didn't find it too bad.

The seat controls are pretty easy to use and there's one dedicated to putting you in the right position for take off and landing, overall decently comfortable, especially for the short flight from Dubai to London, if I had to go to Australia in this seat I'd be wishing for the Emirates configuration no doubt. In the morning arriving into Dubai was my biggest problem with the flight, before going to bed we're handed these breakfast cards to fill out, which I did, asking for a hot breakfast with eggs and steak etc etc, in the morning I woke to some yoghurt and muesli thing, I immediately raised this however was told they had run out and this is all they had. This completely soured the whole experience and is why my rating isn't too high. Food is important people, don't muck around with it.

Posted May 2017

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