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The glamourous life, sitting in a seat you wouldn't buy for a five year old for hours on end, 35,000 feet above the ground going at nearly the speed of sound in a piece of metal put together with parts and labour all accquired to keep costs down and profits as high as possible, being used day in day out, serviced at maximum intervals by the the lowest bidder in the country with least benefits and rights for their employees, and that's the best part of air travel, the treatment and queues on the ground before and after the sky torture begins is definitely worse. As always there's exceptions to the rule, the lucky few that get the royal treatment before, during and after, hopefully you've had that at least once.

Despite me carrying on about the flight experience these reviews will be about much more than that, in addition to detailed write ups on specific flights on different carriers we'll be looking at hotel experiences, rental car choices, things to do and places to see in different cities, again all from my perspective and stuff that I care about and want to do. I've never actually been a fan of site seeing per se, running around on a schedule staring at stuff and posing for photos with statues etc, no I'm more into living the life of a person from that area. For quick thoughts and views of airline food check out the air food blog

Reviews will end with a rating between 1 and 10. 10 being excellent and flawless, 1 being on the other end of the scale, typically a device that is useless and cannot do what it's meant to will get a score like this. In addition to this the volvodriver seal of approval may be given to devices with any reasonable rating, depends on how I feel about the device outside of my rating decision.

Posted 29.10.2014

Emirates Business vs. Economy - It's only a few hours in the air, surely it's economy will do!

The new business class on the A380s are supposed to be quite special, but the economy cabin also got an upgrade, let's see what its like on the same aircraft doing the same leg in two very different classes

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Club Quarters Trafalgar Square Review - Location location location is it really all that matters?

Arugably the best location for a hotel in central London. But is that enough to make you look past the other shortcomings of a stay here? My write up should help you be able to come to definite conclusion.

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British Airways Club World - Dubai to London - Royal or rotten... find out here

British Airways cops alot of flak for their service and operations, I haven't flown with them often but here I take you through what it's like from Dubai to Heathrow with carrier the Queen chooses.

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Hotel Prahova Ploiesti, Romania Review - Romantic Romanian Country side Getaway?

You're never gonna stay here, not because of my advice but why on earth would you go here? So read about why I think you should stay well away from the hotel Prahova in you indeed ever have a reason to travel to Ploiesti.

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Emirates 777-300ER Business Class Dubai to Houston and Back - Worth 4 times the price?

Business class travel, honestly what flying should be like by default, but alas it's not. So is it really worth forking out ridiculous amounts of hard earned cash for a few hours of 'luxury'? Here I fly Emirates from Dubai to Houston and back in two different Boeing 777-300ERs

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Sofitel on the Gold Coast - Banality at it's best

Hotels, expensive but fun. Expecting everything to be perfect at a place you pay over $150 a night to stay in isn't too much to ask I reckon.... or is it?

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