Walking down Pitt Street at lunchtime recently I came across a store called Games Paradise, looked pretty interesting so I wander on in with Paul, after looking through heaps of board games and puzzles including some pretty cool chess boards, garden size sets too, we were about to leave when I spotted the homer rubik's puzzle.

This little puzzle is, as you can see of homer's face it moves into eight ways. When you first look at it one of the first things you think is that it's going to be way too easy to do, however I bought it as it was from the creator of the Rubik's cube so it had to be decent, but the real reason was of course... it's Homer!

Soon after you start twisting and turning, it dawns on you just how difficult it is to get back to normal, I spent ages trying and trying all to no avail, however Paul was a little skeptical and thought he'd work it out pretty easily, here's how he went...

So get one today and join in the fun, you can ebay one really easily but most sellers are overseas, alternatively head down to Games Paradise at 343 Pitt St Sydney.

Posted 09.08.2006

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