Hario Cartridge Pot

Funny name, I know but I think it's a direct translation from something in Japanese, so perhaps that explains it. Anyway... over the last few years there has been a tremendous influx of water products hitting the market. There are so many different brands of just plain water to buy it would be impossible to list them here. On top of that there are many different types of water that have hints of flavour or injected with electrolytes and what not to help water 'be better'. When you add to the equation the recent shortages of water and the bacterial problems from a few years ago, some people really can find themselves in a conundrum about what water to drink. About a year ago, I stumbled upon the Hario Cartridge Pot, I actually found it in a tea shop, this 'pot' is a glass bottle that comes with some stones and carbon. In the middle of the bottle is a plastic cylinder that you fill with the stones and carbon, this then mineralises the water, enriching it with, well, minerals, and errr.... carbon... look, I don't really know much about the techincal side of this, but I can tell you that these stones come from some mountain in Japan, let's pretend it's Mt. Fuji and the carbon is top notch quality.

As you can see from the box, everything is in Japanese, there are no instructions or information in english, only the title is english, odd that. Seeing as this was just a bottle I thought I would fill the page with some pictures of the box as taking pictures of the bottles from different angles just wasn't cutting it. Below you can see, on the box, a nice picture diagram explaining nicely about what the carbon and stones is about. If you can read Japanese and wish to translate this for me, please do so and email me! When you put the plastic cylinder filled with the provided stones and carbon into the bottle, you fill the bottle with water, ordinary tap water or filter water, and let it sit, preferably in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours. However the first time you use it, you should leave the water in the bottle with the stones and carbon for 24 hours, then throw this water out, and rinse everything, then it's ready to use. The first couple of times you have the water, you will definitely taste the difference, there's a very earthy, carbony, stoney flavour to the water, however this soon goes and you get to enjoy just pure, flavourless, clean water. That's the only way to describe it, its just such a pure taste. It's so good I bought another one soon after, and have even given them out as presents.

Now for the problems, I have broken two of these bottles, one slipped right out of my hand, it was frosty from just coming out of the fridge and intelligently, instead of using the handle I picked it up by the glass, and it came right outta the hand and hit the floor, the second time, believe it or not, I was actually putting one bottle of the water into the fridge and at the same time took the other one out, they both hit each other and one smashed.... at AUD$60 a bottle, it's an expensive break, particularly twice. The glass on the bottle is very thin, so yeah, if you hit something, even lightly, expect it to break. The other thing that is kinda annoying is the colour, it's that typical Japanese light pastel blue, it's so disgusting but it's not available in any other colours and well I guess you can be grateful it's not pink. Enough rambling and just tell me where to get this I hear you screaming, I got mine from the Taka Tea Garden in World Square in Sydney, they also have a branch in Double Bay. Now bear in mind, if you use this everyday, you need to replace the stones and carbon every 6 months, they cost about $15 - $20 and are of course available from Taka Tea Garden. I don't know where else these are available but I have NEVER seen them before and I can't find anything on the internet, even EBAY, for these except for their manufacturer's site - http://www.hario.com/seihin/iousen.html and of course it's entirely in Japanese. So if water is what you're after, and you want the best, get yourself one of these and experience the pure taste of Japanese stone mineral water

Posted 24.03.2008

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