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In the computers section I talk about the Dick Smith Wizzard being my first computer, and in being so it was also the first platform that I experienced gaming on, gaming in the sense that we know it today, sitting in front of a screen with some type of controller in your hand (although that's fast changing we know), the first ever computer game I can remember playing is Sonic Invaders, a classic space invaders game that kept me occupied and fascinated, I had queues of friends outside the door waiting to get their hands on that black plastic controller for their turn to save the city from the nasty aliens. The game that pretty much changed the course of my life would probably be Streetfighter 2: The World Warrior and it's Championship edition, the countless hours that should have been spent at school that were instead spent in aracdes, movie theatre lobbies, corner shops, video rentals outlets even laundromats, anywhere there was a machine was now, looking back, so well spent that I ended up buying a full size street fighter arcade machine!

Between then and now I've gamed on Nintendos, SEGAs, PCs and of course the newer consoles like Playstations and XBOXs, and with this experience I'll be sharing with you my views and thoughts on what's out, what's hot and what's not. I'll say right now, games like Warcraft, Assassin's Creed, GTA and MMORPGs are not for me and will only be mentioned to be joked about, instead, when it comes to games expect reviews on racers, figthers and shoot'em ups. Occasionally for some old schoolness we'll be firing up a ROM in an emulator for a bit of a pure retro review an even more rarely putting up a port of a classic against the real deal ROM emulation.

Reviews will end with a rating between 1 and 10. 10 being excellent and flawless, 1 being on the other end of the scale, typically a device that is useless and cannot do what it's meant to will get a score like this. In addition to this the volvodriver seal of approval may be given to devices with any reasonable rating, depends on how I feel about the device outside of my rating decision.

Posted 29.10.2014

X-Arcade Gaming Controllers - Play the way you're meant to

Good ol' gaming equipment that you can thrash around like you're supposed to. There's nothing like playing an arcade classic they way they were designed to. Now you can, these heavy duty arcade controllers work on PC, XBOX, and Playstation. Find out what I think of this offering from X-Arcade, does it meet my stringent requirements for hardcord streetfighting? Click through and you too can decide whether this is worth the hefty price tag.

Posted 07.05.2007 | Continue Reading

Playstation 3 takes on the XBOX 360 - Clash of the Titans!

The 'Next Gen' consoles are here, both make numerous claims, both have pros and cons, both are in fact, pretty cool albeit still a tad nerdy, but one is definitely better, I have both of course so read up one what I think, this review will be updated as often as I can as changes happen to each console, as we all know buying it is the only the first step of a huge journey into this 'investment'. Click through to find out who wins this clash of the titans.

Posted 22.04.2007 | Continue Reading

Sony PSP - A Portable Playstation

A console that's nearly got the capability of a PS2, and it fits in the palm of about 1.5 your hands. This puppy plays games, videos, music, obviously pictures, has built in WiFi, can connect to your PS3, has a brilliant and vibrant screen, but is it usable?

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