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Computers. Some of us don't remember a life without them, I almost don't. Dad brought home the first computer when I was five. A Dick Smith Wizzard, it had a tape drive, a cassette tape drive, a cartridge slot and a qwerty keyboard that was made up of the top side of the two joysticks, we had the optional one piece rubber button qwerty keyboard, which was as easy to type on as it looks. Since then computers have been an everyday part of my life, and because of this I have amassed a huge array of them and associated peripherals. I must admit most of the time with computers has been a trying and frustrating one, waiting for that stupid hour glass (now a spinning circle) to turn back into a mouse pointer, or turning on the computer on a fresh spring morning to have it fail to boot, then going through the hellish futility of trying recover in hopes to avoid the inevitable reinstall. Granted, most of these problems are thanks to the marvels of the Windows operating system, but enough on that..

What we're here to do is review, rate, rant and score. We'll be looking at all things computer related such as addon cards like 3d video cards, hard drives, keyboard, mice, screens and even actual computers. These reviews will harsh when required and may not contain all the info you need as I probably won't be bothered to try absolutely everything, just not my style.

Reviews will end with a rating between 1 and 10. 10 being excellent and flawless, 1 being on the other end of the scale, typically a device that is useless and cannot do what it's meant to will get a score like this. In addition to this the volvodriver seal of approval may be given to devices with any reasonable rating, depends on how I feel about the device outside of my rating decision.

Posted 29.10.2014

Logitech DiNovo Edge - The Most Advanced Keyboard

A keyboard that looks super cool and really is 'advanced'. This little number has a built in trackpad so you don't need a mouse (you kinda still do, but it's still cool). It lights up with these totally excellent looking amber orangy lights when you press buttons and stuff, it recharges on a neat base station and is bluetooth!!! I absolutely love this keyboard and use it nearly everyday when I'm rotting on the couch using my media PC on the big screen.

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Socket CF Bluetooth - Wireless Hell

Bluetooth, the must have tooth of today, this wireless standard is used all over the computing and mobile industry, not many computing or phone devices come out these days without this technology built in. When it's not there's a plethora of ways to add it, particulary to computers, here's a rather non-conventional way I tried. In short, avoid Socket.

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