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We all love doof doof, the thump of the bass shaking the floor boards, the glasses trembling on the coffee table all this paired to a big bright screen sitting almost flush with your wall. In the not too distant past these were luxuries only to be had by the rich, able to spend lavish amounts of cash on special movie rooms with big comfy chairs, popcorn machines and of course the equipment to match. Nowadays though everyone is rich, even the poor, when it comes to having some kinda cinema experience at home. From the $100 all in one system you can buy at the local supermarket to the custom install with multiple components, theres something for everyone. My fascination with AV started when I first watched Top Gun on VHS, but it was a HiFi version, on our Akai HiFi VCR, I remember mixed feelings of pride and amazement when looking at the display of that VCR in bright red displaying HiFi, I had no idea it was short for High Fidelity and really wasn't that much better than normal fidelity, especially with the amplifier and speakers we had back then, but this was the start of my obsession with everything Audio Visual

We're going to be looking at a few bits of kit I have, things ranging from home theatre receivers, projectors, TVs, network media players, universal remotes, music systems to in-ceiling speakers. Plus of course anything new that I acquire. Remember reviews of this equipment here are not meant to be technical or give you exact specifications of this and that, as always my reviews are about my experience with device. If you find any of it useful great, if not, go read a burger review.

Reviews will end with a rating between 1 and 10. 10 being excellent and flawless, 1 being on the other end of the scale, typically a device that is useless and cannot do what it's meant to will get a score like this. In addition to this the volvodriver seal of approval may be given to devices with any reasonable rating, depends on how I feel about the device outside of my rating decision.

Posted 29.10.2014

Audio Video Sender - Share Pay TV

Pay TV can be great, but because of the set top box having it in more than one room was a costly affair. Not anymore with this baby, send your foxtel, or any other video signal that has composite connections, over the air to another TV! This particular one works at 5.8ghz which is cool as your wireless network, bluetooth devices and stuff like your microwave and cordless phones will not interfere with the signal, and you can even change channels!

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Logitech Harmony - Harmonious Control?

Changing the channel can, believe it or not, be a pretty stressful affair in this day and age. everything comes with a remote nowadays, DVD players, home theatre receivers, TV's, computers, radios, iPod speakers, gaming consoles, car stereos, even heaters and fans. Investing in a device that can take care of all these in one neat little package is worthwhile investment, but do they actually do the job? Click on to find out what I thought.

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