The Volvo C70 T5

>Back in April of '97 a bunch of us were sitting in a movie theatre in the city, we were all scattered throughout the place as we got there late and couldn't find enough seats together. I knew, and so did everyone with me thanks to me babbling about it all week, that the, then new, Volvo C70 would make it's appearance in the movie, and the countless times I explained to everyone that asked that they used a Volvo because the original Saint series used a Volvo too, was all worth it at 54 minutes and 28 seconds into the movie, as Val Kilmer stepped into the Volvo and soon after escaped from the baddies. The 'woohoos' and yells of my name in the cinema, sarcastic as they were, were still cool :p.

A few years later, I managed to find a C70, manual high pressure turbo with very few kms on the clock for sale, significantly cheaper than others with similar mileage and age, after checking it out for a couple of weeks, I offered the dealership quite less than their already low price and surprisingly they accepted! I sorted my finance, insurance, which had a massive premuium, packed the 242 away, and brought her home. I later learned that the dealership couldn't sell the car because it was white and manual, apparently most Volvo owners want auto's which is not that surprising I guess. Anyway I've had her for a few years now, and decided that I'm not gonna sell her, ever. It's never had any serious problems and never broken down on me, if you're reading this and recall I have called in late to work and blamed it on the car breaking down it was BS, it's never missed a beat.

So over the next few pages you can read about the upgrades, enhancements and repairs that will happen to the beast. I've already put in iPod kit, fixed a few common issues with the TRACS system, had it lowered a tad and tinted the windows a tad darker. So there's lots more to do!

Posted 27.03.2008

Body Work - Getting the look right

I really like the look of the C70, I thought I'd never change it, but then I saw this one on car domain. So perhaps, one day, when she stops being my daily drive I'll look into doing something like that, coz it looks like a monster, and after the years of service I've got from her she deserves. In the meantime we'll just be looking at touching up bits of the body that need it.


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Interior - Fixing up the inside

The car is pretty neat inside, I mean it could do with a clean and maybe a detail but really there's nothing wrong, particularly with the backseats, they look brand new. There's a small nic on the glove box door, and a few of the plastic mouldings just arent's as tight as they used to be, so they'll get fixed at some stage but nothing else that's nagging me. So don't expect alot here real soon.


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Audio Visual - Doof Doof

The factory sound system that comes with the C70 is absolutely fantastic and when people hear it they are still blown away that I haven't modified it. However I have made slight enhancements to it, nothing to increase the power output or anything like that, don't think I'll ever have to, just additions.


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Performance - Vrroomm Vrooommm

As you may have already guessed she's reasonably quick and can certainly hold her own on the road, however I've read and been told repeatedly that with a little tweaking I can get quite a bit more power out. So I have planned, for the future, a full exhaust upgrade, and maybe a boost uppage. Nothing to date has been done though as I really think she's fast enough... for now.


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Rims - Shoes for cars!

The C70 came with the optioned up 18" factory fitted BBS rims, I love them, so much so I had them untouched for over 10 years, securely lock nutted of course! However all things must come to an end, so I decided to 'upgrade' to black!


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