Snack Attack

Lazing around on the couch watching TV shows, downloaded shows, one after the other, that or a nice movie, this accompanied by a snack is one of the best, most simple pleasures in out lives. Snacking is a habit we pretty much all do, it's something that is so built into our behaviour it often happens without conscious thought, grabbing a handful of nuts, or a chocolate bar from the fridge, these are impulses, or reflexes and contrary to what some people say we should not stop snacking, periodically eating throughout the day is great for the metabolism, thats why lots of people who snack are in tip top shape!

As a kid one of my favourite things to do was get a few bags of chips head home and on nice heavily processed soft white bread, lather the butter on and then stack on as much chips as possible, the chip sandwich, highly nutritious and perfect to power you through those afternoons of street cricket, nowadays though it's probably best to avoid, only because I don't play nearly as much cricket.

What we'll be doing here are snack reviews, something like what they do at taquitos, I actually applied to be a reviewer at a long time ago, however was never replied to, guess they were full. Anyway, not just on chips, on anything I deem snackable. Reviews will be nice and short and you'll have a nice pic of the actual snack to salivate at.

Posted 18.10.2014

Herr's Deep Dish Pizza - Okay, I might as well close this blog up now, I have found the best, the most amazing snack here. The flavour in these sticks is just mind blowing, the intensity and soft yet crunchy texture that melts in the mouth and delivers exactly what the flavour is completely takes you by surprise each and everytime you buy another packet. These are made in the US and sellout quite quickly as a new shipment arrives at the local supermarket which doesn't surprise. If you can find these, get them, you will not be disappointed. Simply the best savoury snack I have ever had. Read about it at taquitos
Posted 30.03.2016

Derby Snacks? - I don't know what these are called, I don't even know where to get them, just occasionally one of the fellas at work will go past with a plastic bag full of them throwing them at lucky individuals, I was lucky a few times, these delicious potato snacks have a nice pleasant salty, ever so slightly tangy flavour to them that tastes completely artificial but good. If you do see them get them and try them, I was later told these are a Syrian company that make them in Yemen, dodgy? Maybe. Tasty? Definitely.
Posted 14.03.2016

Twix Cappuccino - Never really understood limited editions, if you've tested it and it's good, if your factory can do it, why limit it? Anyway I love original Twix, so when I saw this variant at the checkout counter of the local supermarket I had to have it. The flavour was more of a normal coffee rather than a specific cappuccino, not that I'd really be able to tell the difference in a chocolate bar, and the rest was the usual Twix goodness, chocolate and quality biscuit. Definitely my favourite of the non original Twix varities.
Posted 09.09.2015

Walkers Worcester Sauce Chips - Saucy and strong, these chips flavoured with worcester sauce really bite back, particularly after a bag (or two!). A very thin chip with a modest crunch they are strangely addictive and not a flavour you'd think would be a regular to the snack diet but these are on my regular snack list and usually always available in the snack section of the kitchen, they look plain but don't let that fool you, they are packed with deliciousness.
Posted 17.11.2014

Smiths MAXX Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings - From down under, the massive, canyon like crinkles on these chips get you excited for a big crunchy and layers of flavour delivery. I'm not entirely sure why these are called hot & spicy chicken wings, don't get me wrong, they taste great, they are nice and thick and feel great in the mouth as you chomp down on them, but I don't see how these are specifically a chicken wing flavour, they have a pleasant kick with a slight chickenness to them. As nice as these are, they aren't a staple for me.
Posted 17.11.2014

Real Jalapeno Pepper - A crispy, crunchy, great looking potato chip delivering good flavour that is definitely hot (or at least warm) but not too jalapenoie, seemed more like a generic chilli flavour. This chip is more a casual snack rather than a pantry staple, not exciting enough to qualify, I couldn't image devouring a whole large packet of these slouched on the couch watching Pawn Stars re-runs, but I'll give it a try!
Posted 17.11.2014

Doritos Sweet Pepper Chilli - A little spicy and a hint of sweetness. These corn chips deliver a weirdly refreshing tang, kind of like a crunchy version of a chilli infused vodka with fresh lemon. Due to my penchant for soury, bitter things I quite enjoyed these chips, they surprised me with the balance of sweetness to spice (or tang). A solid accompaniment to a cold beer on a sunny afternoon.
Posted 17.11.2014

Lays Mexican Chilli - Not sure I see the Mexican in these at all, while not what I would imagine a Mexian chilli flavour to be like, they are still amply hot. The quality of the potato chip is what I have an issue with here though, inconsistently cooked and excessively oily, I struggled to finish a 45gm bag myself, especially at the end where some of the contents had settled. Reasonable entry but not for me.
Posted 02.11.2014

Hunters Gourmet Yoghurt with Natural Herbs - An interesting flavour this is, I don't really get the yoghurty hit at all, and that's probably a good thing, the herbs, well yeah, there's a slight herby tasty to them, hard to pinpoint the exact flavour coming through, but perhaps it's meant to be that way, just a reasonably pleasant tasting chip, although the crunch was a little strange, a little like a mix between a banana chip and a normal potato chip, not sure this is a must try.
Posted 02.11.2014

Garrett Cheese Popcorn - A Chicago institution apparently, a must try on a visit to the windy city, luckily, like most things now, they're also available in Dubai. Knowing nothing of the fan made combo 'Chicago Mix' we ordered a large bag of the cheese. My initial reaction on eating my first handful... Yum, cheese, yum. After my fifth handful... too much salt, but still cheesy goodness. In fear of bringing on an unwanted cardiac response to the copious amount of sodium no doubt entering the bloodstream I stopped. Also, if you like cheese, stay away from these, you need to absolutely love cheese to eat these.
Posted 02.11.2014

Salt and Malt Vinegar Chips - My second favourite flavour of potato chips, love that salty tang. Just about every brand does a salt and vinegar, even fancy ones with sea salt and balsamic vinegar, however they all pale in comparison to the humble Waitrose entry, I was totally amazed upon first tasting these crunchy, zesty and salty chips for the first time, so sharp and intense, not for someone looking for a light flavour. They are a staple in my snack cupboard, a must try if you can find them outside of the UK!
Posted 02.11.2014

Funyuns Flamin'Hot - Original Funyuns... Great and oniony, these Funyuns? Amazing. Hot and zingy, there's only a hint of onion here, the flavour is really from the chilli and a slight hot bbq flavour not unlike a burger ring. Unlike Pringles with these when you pop you really can't stop, and after eating half the big bag there was no after effects in the mouth like what toobs can do. Definitely being added to the regular snack cycle. Read about it at taquitos
Posted 29.10.2014

Cheetos Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno - Cheetos... crunchy and cheesy, a delicious snack to munch on while rotting on the couch watching a Walking Dead marathon. After years of eating them having found a variety that adds jalapeno to them was a pleasant surprise. And they do not disappoint, these are absolutely fantastic, the slight heat coming from them is just the perfect amount, my mouth is watering as I type this. Definitely going to get some next grocery run. Read about it at taquitos
Posted 18.10.2014

Lays Creamy Cheddar - Potato chips, the quintessential snacking item. My favourite are the classic salted, it's hard to beat a quality potato chip that is nicely salted. Variety is the spice of life however and when I stray from the salted version these are high on the priority... creamy cheddar. They are so delicious and how the creaminess of the cheese is delivered on a dry potato chip is so beautiful that you forget about worrying over the tons of chemicals no doubt required to achieve this.
Posted 18.10.2014

Cheetos Flamin'Hot - I like it spicy and I like it hot, and these are... kinda hot, infact they are a tad citrusy, they are ok but I rather the Japaleno Cheddar. When I got these I also bought a smaller packet that had an 'Export' stamp on it. These tasted WAY better, like the ones back home, they were obviously more expensive, however in my opinion, worth it. Read about it at taquitos
Posted 18.10.2014

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