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Chicken. Possibly the most consumed meat in the world is a funny bird, they look kinda yuck, most live in filthy slum farms awaiting death, some are spared to shat out as many eggs as possible before being executed, and a privileged few actually live on a proper farm in a yard or pen, but they get executed too. Chicken even tastes bland, without anything added it's just a tasteless piece of protein, however this may be the reason it's so versatile flavour wise, pretty much every cuisine on the planet has a few chicken dishes, from crispy southern style fried to hainanese chicken to whole roasted chilli chickens to south Indian veppudu, all with chicken all tasting differently great.

I'm very fussy when it comes to the chicken I eat, has to be white meat, and trim, skinless unless roasted or deep fried and definitely no funny bits which there are a lot of on a chicken, how chicken feet, heads and other random bits of this bird can be eaten is beyond me and will never be experienced. I don't even eat chicken mince or chicken in springrolls, I'm one of those that has to be able to identify the chicken pieces, to a degree anyway.

Enough digressing. Welcome to cockfighting volvodriver style. Here we'll be doing something a little different from the standard review, these are head to heads, wings vs wings, fried chicken against fried chicken, butter chicken bouts, you get the idea. No Portuguese chicken burgers will feature here as there is of course a whole section dedicated to that. Each contest will be between two contenders, the winner being declared by me based on taste, more taste and maybe a little on how appetising it looks, there will be no draws.

Posted 13.10.2014

KFC Mighty Zinger vs. MarryBrown Spicy MB Tower

Zing Zing Zing - KFC Mighty Zinger vs. MarryBrown Spicy MB Tower

In the red corner we have the mighty zinger, a seasoned heavy weight up against the Spicy MB Tower from MarryBrown in the, other, also red corner. These two giants have two deep fried breast pieces of chicken encased in a batter that is hot and spicy, both also have cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise and hot sauce on a sesame seed bun. The burgers are quite tall, MarryBrown slightly outdoing the colonels attempt by less than a centimetre. Both seemingly made to order, however only one is piping hot, the zinger burger was warm at best, obviously the zinger patties were not fresh outta the fryer.

Another obvious difference is the quality of assembly, the MB Tower looks relatively neat and put together by someone who seems to have a semblance of care, the Mighty Zinger on the other hand looks like a disaster, it could even qualify for a farce report. They are both difficult to get a whole bite in, I will say the MB Tower nearly dislocated my jaw though. However it was worth it, both burgers do come out swinging, one like an inebriated man on his way home swinging his arms from street sign to street light to keep upright, the other hard and fast like a heavyweight champion. The MB Tower with its hot, oily, crispy batter crunched away so well revealing surprisingly tender and moist flesh, the zinger losing out with its chicken not only being dry and lukewarm, but also quite stringy. The spice? How's the spice? I hear you asking... Well the zinger delivers it's usual 'kick' but again the MB Tower comes out with uppercuts left right and centre, that classic zinger flavour is there with the Mighty Zinger, but it doesn't compare with the heat emanating from the MB Tower, their spicy batter really is proper spicy, I'm pleasantly surprised and quietly happy, much preferring the MB Tower at this stage.

The lettuce and mayonnaise are predictably the same for both however as the construction of the MB Tower is nicer, it feels better, there's not mayo coming off the sides, whereas on the Mighty Zinger, I would say half the mayonnaise was out of the bun, the cheese however is a different story, KFC uses the tried and tested american style bright orangey yellowish triple processed cheese, MarryBrown opts for the plasticy pale yellow variety, my preference is for the former, the flavour of this toy like cheese seems to meld much better with the hot and spicy batter. Each burger also has a hot sauce on the base, with this much chicken it was hard to tell the whether the flavour was coming from the batter or the sauce, I did not try the sauces separately, so really it comes down to the overall spiciness, another one for the MB Tower.

To be honest I'd have either one again, but only because there are far less MarryBrown outlets around. I have no bias here, I hate both chains equally, KFC for their inconsistencies and farce contributions, MarryBrown for using what appears to be grade F meat in the indian branches, something I suffered with for many summer vacations before KFC opened up their doors there. However there is a winner, by knockout, the american cheese is simply not enough to push the colonel's sorry attempt over the line, MarryBrown takes the title, with its MB Tower burger that was bigger, neater, had chicken that was not stringy, and was spicier.

Winner - MarryBrown MB Tower Burger

Posted 13.10.2014

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