Who doesn't love a nice big juicy beef burger? Besides a vegetarian perhaps. It's my mission to find the best hamburger, I'll be trying all sorts, from fast food to milk bars to gourmet. My write ups will be harsh when required but always truthful with high resolution pictures for you to salivate at, wishing you had one.


Pizza was invented in Naples, so says wikipedia, what it doesn't mention is that pizza is actually being invented every single day all over the world. Arguably one of the favourite single dishes the world over, they come in all styles and flavours, influenced with local tastes and ingredients. We're finding the best of the best.


Over one billion people, that's one in every seven on the planet eat 'Indian' food, pretty much always. That's not including the non Indians cooking or going out and eating Indian food. We'll be sampling some of the old time classics from Indian menus the world over, Butter Chicken, Tandoori, Naans and much more.

Doner Kebabs

There's plenty of confusion with what really is a humble sandwich. If it's meat rotating vertically and cooking, that's shaved off and put on bread with sauces and some salad, we'll call it a Doner Kebab and we'll be reviewig it, hopefully some of the reviews will be done sober, but this can't be guaranteed!

Farce Food

For decades man has stared into the bright shiny neon menu boards of the big fast food chains, wondering, contemplating, how what they have in front of them, on their tray, bears absolutely no resembelance to what's pictured on the menu. Its time to take action, we're exposing the worst of the worst here.

Portuguese Chicken Burgers

Is there a better chicken burger? Possibly, but at the moment we don't care. That Peri Peri chilli on top of grilled chicken breasts, with a little mayonnaise, some lettuce on a soft bun, that's what we care about, simple and delicious, but is it always? Sadly it's not, find out the problem ones here.

AirLine Food Log

With nearly 100,000 commercial flights per day around the globe there's a gigantic amount of food being served high in the sky. From my travels with a few different airlines I'll be showing you what I got served up and my opinion on the presentation and eatability of the inflight catering.

My Creations

Yes it's true, all the rumours you've been reading around the interweb are right. Over the next few months I will be revealing the secrets to volvodriver cooking, learn how I make the perfect potato chip, recreate fast food favourites, without the farce, and marinate meat the way it's supposed to be... my way!


We all eat chicken, even vegetarians eat chicken, they make us think they don't but they are, they lust over it, secretly scoffing down chicken in all formats. This crazy looking bird can be done in hundreds of ways, so let's find out who does the best of a particular way in cockfighting... volvodriver style.

Hot Dogs

So yeah, they're pretty gross and we often don't know what's inside these disgusting little tight plastic looking shit shaped meat flavour parcels, but for some reason millions are eaten the world over everyday, so I'm going to find out which ones you should be eating and perhaps more importantly which ones to avoid.

Snack Attack

Munching and crunching a favourite activity the world over, evident from the plethora of snacks available to be bought and consumed. Over the years, the amount spent in the chips and snacks aisle at the supermarket is getting longer and longer, going over all the choices, now you can go in armed with the know!


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