Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Semi Final 1 - Wendy's vs. Wingsters

The semi-finals are here! And the heat's getting turned up a few notches, in more than just the burgers! In our first semi-final bout the giants at Wendy's take on the relatively unknown but very solid team Wingsters, who are first up on the field. If there's one thing you can say about Wingsters it's that they are big, the burger is huge and makes a commanding entrance from all but one angle where they seem a bit droopy. Initial inspection of the team reveals another oddity... the skin from the top of the chicken piece has gone AWOL! Surely this is going to spell disaster for the Wingsters. Straight down the centre we can clearly see where the droopiness on the entrance came from, the salad and sauce has mixed rather well to become quite a bit of slop down one end, the other half of the team is doing their best to pull the weight though, however the main star with half its skin missing seems to have dried up considerably. It's a pretty disappointing start for the Wingsters, and unfortunately despite appearances the team are unable to muster enough heat to bring the spice home. The team have to be very worried with that lack lustre heat, dry but wet at the same time performance.

Wendy's hit the field hard and fast, seemingly somewhat energised from the very ordinary performance of their rivals. They shouldn't get too cocky though, some displays in the championship from them haven't been exactly top notch. Wow, okay, these guys aren't messing around or taking any chances, with an impressive first few minutes on field they have already established who is the superior team today. From all sides their team look fit and strong ready to bring it home and put Wendy's as the first team into the finals of the SCCB. well structured and playing with such synergy, the lettuce and tomato meld so well with the mayonnaise and are the perfect combination for the super crunchy and yes, spicy enough batter surrounding that dry, but less dry than Wingsters, chicken. The final nail in the coffin for team Wingsters is the courageous display put on by the bun, doing its job superbly by firmly but with a delicate kind of softness holding all the crucial members of the team together, enabling them to deliver blow after blow with each bite to the opposing team, allowing a truly knockout performance. Sheikh & Shake and Popeyes have obviously been watching this match closely and would no doubt be very concerned.

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Posted 18.08.2017

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