Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Match 5 - Wendys vs. SFC Plus

Wendy's and SFC, there's a clear favourite here, the crew at Wendy's have a huge backing with stores all over the globe and while SFC isn't a corner, one man band shop it's hardly the same size, they do however specialise in chicken, fried at that too, the problem here folks is the boffins at SFC have sent their 'plus' team into play today, these guys can get a bit confused and lack focus as they also do beef burgers, and bizarrely an array of chinese food. Generally you do get the feeling SFC are keen to show themselves as a real contender and not just an imitator, they have a presence, usually, but it appears today, in the spicy cripsy chicken burger department the team seems a bit lacking. This rather small and almost scared looking burger in the shape of a roll has two strips of what appears to be normal chicken batter with lettuce and some kind of spicy mayonnaise which really struggles to score any points with the taste buds. It's quite a cute little effort for a time when you want a simple fried chicken burger as a snack, but certainly not for the SCCB championships, sadly for SFC a confused, perhaps frightened effort yields nothing but a scoreless first half. A disappointing entry that completely lacked any heat, was far too small and too pedestrian for a standard chicken burger as well.

One of the biggest players in the championship are the crew from Wendys, rivaled in size by only three other teams (one of which has already been knocked out in a complete upset), they are mildly confident but not too cocky about their chicken plans. A moderately sized entry that stands tall, with a patty that looks like it has some serious crunch, this is supported by a nice soft but substantial bun, a decent amount of lettuce and tomato that isn't just there for show, these guys are really playing as part of the team. The problem is, no matter how hard the rest of the team plays, if the spiciness isn't gonna be part of the game, then it's pretty much over for the SCCBC, and while not completely absent I honestly didnt feel much heat at all, you could have sold me this as a standard chicken burger and I would have believed it, and quite enjoyed it too, with moist chicken, pretty crips vegetables, nice but and decent sauce that is NOT hot. It does however win the match, beating out the performance from the SFC team.

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Posted 03.02.2016

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