Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Qtr Final 3 - Wendy's vs. Johnny Rockets

Competition is really hotting up now, and today we have Wendy's taking on team JR. Wendy's hit the field first and in the prematch interview the coach was quite clear, this team is definitely going to improve from the performance in the last round. You don't however get that feeling when you see them hit the field, they look down and a little deflated, although under the hood you can see they've got a quality chicken patty and while the vegetables aren't huge they look ready, there's a nice toast to the usual soft but firm bun and the mayonnaise definitely looks up for a fight. Straight down the middle the situation looks much better, you can see the solid consistent chicken and a decent layering of the members, supported by that bun. Visually it's pretty good but it looks like it's missing something, any hint of heat or spice. After the second bite that does change, you can feel a peppery kick and as you progress through the burger enjoying a well balanced spread of ingredients, the heat feeling in your mouth does get greater, it's not amazingly spicy but it's decent and it seems to be delivered soley through the pepper. Overall a reasonable performance but could easily be beaten.

Team Johnny Rockets hits the field quickly, perhaps too quickly, did they forget some players? Looking rather flat they reassuredly hustle around the huge potato bun, the chicken patty still looks rather big, but there's something different about it, they lettuce and tomato are there but not apparently in spirit. Honestly... they just dont look up to it, under the top we dont see anything that surprises us, however straight down the middle we start to get a clue, there's not as much chicken going on here as last time and the confusion amongst the team is clear, nobody looks like they are meant to be there. When you pick up the burger the softness of that marvellous potato bun makes you kind of hope, then you bite into it, and while it's not bad all you get is the chicken and its slightly cripsy batter, they are not delivering the same heat and kick as the first round, that's for sure, what is similar to the first round is that the chicken and bun are carrying the team, that got them through the previous match up but will it be enough here? The chicken is not dry, it's not stringy, it is however uneven, thicker on one side of the sandwich than the other and despite the batter having retained a reasonable crisp it's not that spicy at all. When you look at the effort together as a team it's pretty dismal.

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Posted 07.04.2016

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