Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Qtr Final 1 - Sheikh & Shake vs. Texas Chicken

Sheik & Shake are up against the Texan boys today and they seriously need to lift their game if they stand even a smidgen of a chance against the offering from Texas Chicken. After what must have been a really motivational and inspiring pep talk by the coach, team Sheik & Shake run onto the field with the confidence of a refugee in line at an immigration office in Germany. By the looks of it they are gonna come out fighting, this spicy cripsy chicken burger looks great. The bun, which for these guys is always reliable starts things off typically strong, with its soft quishy texture but structurally sound it holds the team together well, the lettuce and tomato are not mucking around here either, they've come out and look completely ready for the task at hand, and the chicken, this is one area where Sheik & Shake do not have any issue from a size perspective, it's big and looks mean, down the middle you can see that the chicken isn't quite as thick as some others its still acceptable though and more importantly it's not dry or stringy, also the batter is one of the best batters in the championship. All this is and more is confirmed as soon as you sink you teeth into this beauty, all the layers and flavours in the mouth, and the serious crunch you get as cut through the chicken, then the heat, I dunno what the coach and manager and whoever said to these guys but the heat has seriously been stepped up a few notches. The lettuce and tomato are doing an excellent supporting job that kind of helps deal with the spice from the burger, I mean it's not intolerably hot but it has improved serveral times over the last round. All elements of this burger were fantastic, the patty didn't look overcooked either and the chicken was indeed as moist and tender as it looked. Sheik & Shake have come out of the blocks hard and have been scoring all over the place. An impressive performance that will need an incredible, flawless half by the Texans to be beaten.

It's time for the second half and the big Texans charge onto the field keen to show they aren't one hit wonders, they have a big, but not impossible job ahead of them. I'm not sure what is going on here but the team does look a little smaller than the first round, the bun looks smaller and the chicken definitely looks to be less, it's not bursting out of the sandwich like last time, there's also even less support from the lettuce and the cheese seems to have only half turned up. And when we go straight down the middle we can indeed see that there is less chicken and generally the team simply doesn't look up to the task at hand. However from the first bite you can see that despite the look of them, they are here for a fight, ready to step up to the challenge, the softness of the bun gives way to a lovely crunch from the coating of the chicken and then it hits you... the heat from the sauce and the abundance of jalapenos, they looked to be non existant but they were there, in numbers and came out strong, the cheese is there but it's hardly noticable amongst the nicely fried chicken in batter and heat elements. While the performance is strong they Texans do feel like they are not going to win, simply putting in a show to finish the match, it's a pity as this could be a match winning half against some other teams but not today. It's hard to say whether a specific part of the team let them down, they all looked a little less excited and pumped than the last round, however when it came down to the flavour delivery they all played their part and came together as a team to deliver a very nice spicy, crispy, chicken burger but not quite enough to win this very hard and close contest. And while the earlier round's performance was better I'm still not convinced even that would have been enough to come out victorious here.

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Posted 26.03.2016

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