Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Semi Final 2 - Sheikh & Shake vs. Popeyes

Right... we're finally here at the second semi final of the SCCB, due to some serious rain delay it's been over 7 months since the last match. Anyway we're here now and Sheikh and Shake are first up, knowing the seriousness of this match they run out onto the field, however they don't seem to be at their strongest, maybe it was the distraction of the rather large delay in between plays, either way as they unfold onto the field you can clearly see the team just isn't the same, the potato bun seems smaller, old and wrinkled, chicken also smaller and somewhat dry and lacking in texture, there isn't that much of a crunch from biting into the burger and the supporting salad, well the tomato is doing it's best but the lettuce looks to be all but given up. It also looks like they've brought on too much sauce for this match, and even though this is where the majority of the spice comes from the overall package is bland, lifeless, boring and way too wet. This is a disaster for team Sheikh & Shake, to come up with this paltry performance on what was really the biggest day of their spicy crunchy chicken burger careers must be a huge blow to the team and their supporters. Their only chance now is if Popeyes crash and burn in a similar but more severe manner.

Take a look at that team, doesn't look like a losing team to me. These guys are ready and raring to go. As they hit the field with so much energy you can see the game slipping away from Sheikh & Shake immediately. Popeyes know this is a big game, determining who will go up against Wendy's in the finals and they have come appropriately psyched for it, the standard but wonderfully soft and toasted seasme seed bun holds together that deliciously, big crunchy chicken breast that is spiced so well. The batter is so light and unobtrusive however adds so well to that spicy heat and pairs excellently with the subtle amount of hot cajun infused mayonnaise, the supporting salads are doing their job pretty well too, lots of it and crunchy, and while the tomato is getting on in age it still did a marvellous job, helping freshen up this fried spicy monster. It's clear to everyone that this match is well and truly over, a knockout blow delivered by a very strong team ends this totally one sided affair. The team over at Wendy's have of course been watching this match closely, studying it carefully and well I'm not sure about them but I'd be very worried about the upcoming grand final after what Popeyes have accomplished today.

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Posted 19.03.2018

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