Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Qtr Final 2 - Popeyes vs. McDonalds

Team Popeyes know they are up against the biggest team of the championship, they also know their last performance in the earlier round was a stellar one and therefore have come here with relative confidence however with one very notable difference, they know the experienced McDonalds team use cheese in their spicy chicken burgers by default so they've opted to include cheese on their side too today. I'm not entirely sure that was the best idea, as they hit the field they just don't seem as pumped up and ready to go as the they did the last round, the team seem to lumber onto the field almost like they are somewhat weighed down by the cheese, which I should add doesn't look like the best quality, kind of like a kraft single. What's also noticable is this team appear to be jumbled up, the ingredients seem stacked in the wrong order and the general flow of things is completely out the window, the chicken is still doing it's best though and looks quite decent, and from the first bite it's clear, this team is actually fighting against each other, firstly the cheese is an awful addition, it's far to milkly and together with the sauce just makes this cream cheese type of texture and unfortunately they seem to dominate the overall taste and feel of the burger in the mouth, you can really see the chicken fight here though, together with the lettuce and tomato, the hot sauce which is on their side they save this burger from being a complete flop, the quality chicken, the nicely toasted bun, good lettuce and nice tomato combined with the hot cajun sauce make this a reasonable performance. It's such a shame as the cheese, something they thought would help and specifically added completely detracted from the experience.

McDonalds take the field... and what do we have here? It appears McDonalds is substituting it's spicy Mc Chicken team with the Grand Chicken Spicy! This surprise move is actually technically allowed as the Grand Chicken Spicy is a permament item on the menu at McDonalds, it's a much bigger, more substantial burger that most definitely has a better chance against the mighty popeyes than it's normal Spicy Mc Chicken. The team hits the fields with alot of depth and skill, there's tomato to support the lettuce, a nicer ranch style sauce, a bigger chicken patty, the bun is corn dusted, there's two slices of cheese, and while one probably would have been nicer this cheese is far superior to the cheese on team Popeyes and compliments the extrememly crunchy exterior of the Grand Chicken Spicy quite well, this burger felt far more balanced and honestly is a surprising well put together outfit from the big golden arches, you're so used to entries from them that barely look edible but they've come out swinging this time, the chicken is piping hot and is seriously crunchy, and while it's a good strong batter the chicken inside plays it's part well, juicy and tender, the burger has nice flavour, all parts are playing and coming together very well, apart for one. There's no spice here. I double checked the box and 'Spicy' was selected, I checked the receipt, this was indeed the grand chicken spicy, but it must be in namesake only, there was only the most subtle hint of pepperiness here, and certainly doesn't warrant putting a big fat chilli on the box next to the burger, it's for this reason McDonalds lose here, an otherwise brilliant chicken burger has been completely let down with little to no spice. Their previous team entry, the Spicy McChicken has more kick to it, however that would have been taken down by team Popeyes on just about every other aspect. Popeyes with their Cajun spice saving an otherwise ordinary burger has just scraped through.

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Posted 29.03.2016

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