Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Match 1 - KFC vs. Sheikh and Shake

Kick off! First match of the championships is underway. KFC starts the proceedings in true and expected form with a flat, boring looking seasme seed bun that looks like it's been through a switched off sandwich toaster squash, the zinger patty barely visible and the whole thing looking and feeling more like a frisbee than a zinger burger this would have easily qualified for a farce food entry however we already have a KFC zinger in the farces! Under the hood it doesn't look anywhere near as bad as I was expecting, the lettuce had not become translucent from the mayonnaise and the chicken patty didn't look too bad and only just misses covering the whole bun. However as we go straight down the middle, the story goes back down the familar path, a dry, stringy looking piece of chicken that has clearly suffered in the hands of the colonel. Apart from that though it didn't look too bad, sadly the taste was bad. It's such a disappointment what these guys manage to do to a zinger, what should be a succulent piece of spicy crispy chicken supported by factory mayonnaise and a standard bun that's complimented with that tried and tested fast food plastic cheese is just a stodgy, limp, rubbery, chewy mess in the mouth that, if for not being so acclimatised to rubbish food the body would instantly want to eject this before it gets to the start of the thoart, either way after two bites this burger was sin binned. As far as spiciness goes, the only thing that got zinged was my wallet.

Second half starts with Sheikh and Shake taking possession, and in stark contrast to the colonel, team Sheikh come out fighting with a huge looking chicken patty bursting out from all sides, the colour does make it look a tad over cooked though. Under the hood we see more evidence that the chicken has been in the fryer a little too long, there's also a sauce soaked, slightly over ripe slice of tomato, the lettuce is spared inspection at this stage as it's under the patty. We can also see a distinct lack of cheese, which surprised me as their picture has cheese on the menu, either way it is what it is. Down the middle we can see the the first glimpses of the lettuce, and it looks like it's been pouring onto the pitch, wet and soggy looking, all the crunch from this burger will defintely come from the batter. Surprisingly though what is clear is the juiciness of the chicken, at least visibly. The bun also deserves mention here, wonderfully soft but structurally sound, a great spongy feel to it as you pick the burger. So was the chicken over cooked? Probably not, the batter was very crispy but did not taste burnt, the chicken really was moist and pretty tender for a deep fried chicken breast, and the tomato and lettuce are noticably soft and wet but not enough to bother you and the spiciness is delivered solely in the sauce and while it's reasonable there's nothing that fantastic going on here from the heat perspective. It does however completely whallop the KFC zinger in every department, a far superior offering which has knocked one of the big boys right out of the championship.

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Posted 14.11.2015

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