Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Match 8 - Grillo's vs. Wingsters

Finally we have it folks, the last match of the first round, the mafioso at Wingsters are getting ready to take on the funnily named Grill'o team, funny as this is a crispy competition but they do have a crispy entry and claim it to be quite a spicy one at that too. After the pre match meeting team Grill'o race onto the field, keen to show that they are serious contenders in the crispy and spicy department. A sesame seed bun starts the first half off rather strangely by showing grill marks on the top half of the bun, then reveals that the inside isn't toasted properly, there also appears to be some confusion with the mayonnaise which is sticking to one part of the field and the actual chicken, it's coverage of the pitch was quite poor and it was very clear that despite there being a hint of crispiness, and even juiciness, there would be more spiciness in a raw pea than in this burger, how this sorry pathetic excuse for spicy crispy chicken burger could seriously walk on to the field in the state it was in is the biggest question here, the bun was crap, the mayonnaise was far too much on side and completely absent on the other, the chicken was a sad, sorry affair, and the tiny amount of lettuce that was there was made totally soggy by the mayonnaise. A ridiculous entry that should be booted back to the dressing room.

The mafia boys over in team Wingsters now take up their turn. Basically trotting onto the field in so much confidence from the lack lustre performance by the 'team' at Grill'o. Kicking off with the bun, the sauce and the massive centre chicken patty all perfectly in sync, the soft but firm bun, does its best to contain the over enthusiastic sauce which is just a buffalo hot sauce but packs serious punch from going everywhere, this burger was quite wet... BUT the combination of the copious amount of hot buffalo sauce and nicely fried chicken made the very soggy vegetables forgivable. The chicken while slightly dry was still reasonable and more importantly completely over powered by the hot sauce. Let there be no mistake here people, this, despite only being powered by buffalo hot sauce for the spiciness factor was one very hot burger. It's almost like they have over compensated with the spiciness in the hope of distracting you from realising that you are infact eating quite an ordinary burger. At the end of the day though, given the competition, there is a clear and outright, unanimous winner the la cosa nostra annihilate team Grill'o who are booo and heckled off the field, a fitting end to the days play.

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Posted 11.02.2016

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