Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Qtr Final 4 - Gourmet Burger Kitchen vs. Wingsters

Team Gourmet Burger Kitchen happy with their win in the last round which has brought them into the quarter finals are cautious about running around trying to strut their stuff too much as they won what many consider to have been an unlosable match. They are under much tougher opposition here as you would expect being in the quarter finals. The team seems a little more together, coming out in better shape than last time, apart from the bun that is still failing to get a nice bit toastage it looks like it came straight outta the bag. The vegetables appear to be much more under control and not trying to steal the show, it seems they understand their supporting role of the chicken and it's spiciness. This time around the chicken definitely has a bit more of a kick to it, a reasonably good hit of heat hits the mouth as you bite in and makes you feel the name fiery blue means something, the creaminess of the mayonnaise is excellent in taking away the heat from the mouth just after you get enough of it, and the chicken, while still a tad dry was much better than last time and was not stringy. An good solid performance which definitely stands a chance here.

The cool and slick mafioso over at the Wingsters side seem undeterred by the first half's proceedings, let's hope they reign it in a bit and realise they are up against a very different team than what they faced in the previous round. And well it looks like they brought their A game, all components on this burger were great, the corn dusted bun had a slight toast and was very slightly warm, the chicken patty was huge and this time seemed to have the amount of hot sauce under control the vegetables were in much better shape and looked quite lively on the field, and the chicken was cripsy, not dry and definitely spicy. From the first bite it's clear you're eating a spicy burger, despite less sauce than last round this burger still packed a serious spice punch, the crispines of the chicken batter was even rivalled by the crunch from the vegetables and the thick tomato along with that little mayonnaise gave a bit of relief from the heat. Everything came together wonderfully for team Wingsters today, all players executed the role perfectly and they convincingly beat a very decent performance from the GBK team with intense spiciness and good crunch factor.

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Posted 14.03.2016

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