Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Match 7 - Gourmet Burger Kitchen vs. Max Burger

The Volvo of burgers goes up agains the might of the medium sized Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Both teams seem rather optimistic of their chances here, with max burger boasting they are Sweden's best offering and the guys at Gourmet Burger Kitchen pretty cool that in reality that doesn't mean much. Winning the toss, team GBK kick off with their Fiery Blue which is a slightly different team from the usual line up featuring a blue cheese red slaw, mayonnaise, rocket leaves which looked to be subbed for standard lettuce today and the star of the match a spicy breaded chicken patty. From the get go it's quite clear that despite the impressive looking uniforms this team doesn't manage to live up to the spirit of this championship very well, the blue cheese slaw was boring and tasteless, the house mayonnaise may as well have not been there, the spiciness on the breaded chicken was apparently AWOL, and to top it off the chicken, while there was quite a bit there was very dry and stringy. The bun also didn't help being that standard burger bun that was clearly not toasted enough, just added to the very dry affair this burger was, not an enjoyable performance from a team that definitely should have brought more to the table. The spiciness did appear to start coming back during the end of the game but it was so weak and barely detectable, and of course far too late.

Bouyed by the unexpected and very ordinary performance by their rivals the Swedish boys charge onto the field, not the biggest team they still looked lik they had something to prove, a corn dusted bun is lifted to reveal probably one of the smallest and driest chicken patties we've ever seen, there's also lettuce and onion with a few jalapenos laying around looking like they don't know what to do, the mayonnaise was doing its best to support the rest of the team but was failing. How this can be Sweden's best burger we'll never know, unless we go there of course, but if this is somehow the best Sweden has I really feel sorry for the citizens and recent refugees to this great country. A terribly boring, lifeless, dry, completely bland and just generally awful burger that didn't even manage to finish the match. Disqualified from the competition for bringing such a disgusting entry that did not abide by the main rule of the championship... to be spicy, how we did not get even the slightest hint of spiciness with jalapenos on board is a mystery, and even bigger mystery is what team Sweden is doing to these jalapenos to completely eliminate any trace of heat. These guys should quit and apply at Volvo to the new Chinese masters for jobs. Gourmet Burger Kitchen wins by default.

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Posted 02.02.2016

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