Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Match 3 - Al Farooj vs. Popeyes Chicken

Al Farooj a local team that mixes it up with some of the biggest players in the fried chicken world takes on Popeyes, a relatively unknown but large chain of fried chicken from down south in the US of A. Having the homeground advantage team Al farooj come out strong with a confidently named dragon burger. This foil wrapped chicken burger is a pretty standard sized one and when unwrapped looks pretty good, the usual sesame seed bun holds what looks to be quite reasonably supporting ingredients including tomato but more interestingly... jalapenos and a yellowish hot sauce that no doubt give this burger the dragoness. The first thing you want to do after taking a bite is take another bite, thats obviously a good sign, the chicken was reasonably moist and the batter was passably crunchy, however chicken coverage for the whole bun area wasn't happening, overall though it was seeming to be a decent burger. In the spiciness department however things were different, the front rowers simply were not packing enough punch, despite this supposed hot sauce and the actual jalapenos I could barely detect any heat. And this is the teams undoing, all the hardwork put in by everyone else is completely wasted by simply not being hot enough.

Coming into the second half the popeyes boys are ready and raring to go with their Cajun burger offering, convinced they can put in a solid performance after a rather lack lustre first half by Al Farooj. Immediately you can tell this team is ready for a fight, looking fit and strong, standing tall and proud they hit the field running hard. While the bun is a standard burger bun the standard feel of the burger ends there, a wonderfully hot and juicy chicken breast that is coated in a crisp and crunchy batter together with really fresh lettuce and tomato all work together excellently as a team and deliver a delicious experience, and let's not forget the main event here, the spice, this team is expertly lead by what appears to be some simple Cajun sauce on the top, the heat this burger causes in the mouth truly is a shock, you don't expect it at all, and in fact leaves you wondering whether there is any extra heat hidden away in the chicken or the batter. For now we don't know and frankly don't care as this is an all round affair and a match winning performance that was delivered by all. A sensational second half that completely dominated and has shown that Popeyes is a real contender in these championships.

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Posted 29.02.2016

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