Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Match 2 - Chesters Chicken vs. Texas Chicken

Next up Chesters takes on the boys from the 'great' state of Texas. A crispy chicken fillet burger goes head to head against a spicy chicken tender roll, this battle of the middleweights should be interesting. First half gets underway with Texas Chicken and their Mega Spicy roll and boy does it look mega, immacutately presented, looking arguably better than even it's neon cousin I was salivating getting ready to feast on this, in the middle you can see the two strips of chicken that are covered fresh looking lettuce, a good amount of mayonnaise and chilli sauce, there's also jalapenos and the trusty fast food cheese, the long roll is also nice and soft and ever so slightly toasted. From the very first bite I knew I was onto a winner and possible champion, this mega spicy roll was sensational, crispy, soft, crunchy, saucy, moist, tender and hot. The chicken strips in this roll aren't spicy as such however the tomato sauce is obviously a chilli variant and the generous amount of jalapenos really elevate this burger into being a proper spicy cripsy chicken burger. An absolute delight to eat and clearly made by people who care, or at least aren't at the point that they don't care at all. I loved it.

Starting up the second half we have Chesters, and do they have a task ahead of them. From the very moment the box is opened and this burger comes onto the ground, we can see they probably aren't up to it. This burger, just looks sorry and pathetic, like it knows how good the other team and they have resigned to the fact they cannot win, capitulation was the only answer. A flat lifeless looking thing with sauce that has come onto the top of the bun, it really did not look appetising at all, particularly just after the Texas Chicken display. The one positive is the chicken patty looks quite large but has clearly gone soggy from the mayonnaise, this just laziness as the other ingredients in the burger should protect the batter of the chicken to a degree. Underneath the crown the quality (or lack thereof) of the bun is evident as part of it has stuck to the chicken via the mayonnaise, it's also completely untoasted, which isn't neccesarily a must, but for a standard fast food bun, it's highly advisable. The lettuce had also almost turned into a really wet and slimy coleslaw type thing and lastly, but perhaps most importantly, the chicken looked like it had a pink hue through it, honestly this is a poor performance for a well established chain. From the first bite to the second (and what was the last), this burger was disgusting, having a really terrible slimy feel in the mouth with no real taste apart from the excessive sugar in the cheap bun. There was absolutely no spicy whatsoever with this burger, in fact it made me think this wasn't even the spicy burger, but you can clearly see the orangey red on the chicken patty, must be just colour though as it really was bland, this terrible entry was not spicy, was not crispy and may as well have not been chicken either. Sin binned.

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Posted 14.11.2015

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