Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger Championships
Match 6 - Burger King vs. Johnny Rockets

Another giant enters the competiton with all the expected fanfare associated with such a huge team like Burger King, and on the other side of the pitch we have the slightly smaller affair that is team Johnny Rockets both teams have high hopes and without wasting much time Burger King after winning the toss, kick off with the King Chicken Fillet which has been made spicy by the addition of hot sauce and honestly... what were they thinking? You can be the be the biggest team in the universe but if you're just going to say anything on the menu can be spicy by adding hot sauce well you're not that serious now are you? And that is exactly what team BK do here, there is no standard menu item that is spicy, anything can be made spicy, what are they even doing here in these championships? The king chicken fillet was crap, nothing about this monstrosity was good, the bun was fast food bun, the chicken was small, dry and stringy, the hot sauce was not hot and the lettuce, while cripsy was just lettuce, this sad sorry affair was called off, their half wasn't even finished and the team was sent back to the dressing rooms to think about whether they really think they should have been here in the first place. You would have to think this is unlosable match for JR.

Time for the second half and as the boys at Johnny Rockets step onto the field they look like they are already doing a victory lap, and I think it's more of less justified, it's a pretty awesome looking team, a nice unique bun holds what is close to one of the biggest chicken pieces in the championship that looks to be fried to perfection, but it mightn't be quite so easy a walk in the park as they think, JR's idea of spicing things up is adding buffalo sauce to the chicken burger, it is a proper menu item though so perhaps it's going to be great, another slight not so good is the lettuce and tomato, they have gone quite limp and soggy and when the lettuce gets that translucent look to it, you know it's just not going to play ball. Straight down the field the worries for the lettuce and tomato are confirmed more so for the lettuce, it's looks almost like this team would be far better off without it. The bun and chicken although are definitely carrying the team, the chicken looking moist and delicious and from the first bite the fears of the buffalo sauce not quite being enough in the spicy department are allayed, this spicy cripsy chicken burger was exactly that, the chicken coating was crispy and hot but not too oily and the chicken inside was very good, not stringy or dry, and the hot sauce, it was great, giving the burger a good kick, wasn't the spiciest but it was definitely good enough, I also suspect that hot sauce is added to the batter that coats the chicken. The potato bun was good but that same exact bun without the potato would probably have suited the chicken better. JRs wins this match hands down, and to be honest they could have put in half the performance and still trounced the BK team.

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Posted 07.03.2016

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