Auntie Anne's Kofta Pretzel

Pretzels, never really cared about these, a few years back I used to have the occasional pretzel dog with American mustard from a place called the pretzel king, they were awesome but only five or so times a year. After that I never really gave them another thought, that is till I saw these glistening doughy sticks with melted cheese through a glass pane while cruising through the food court at City Stars mall in Cairo. I moved over for a closer inspection, I looked at the brown meat that was warpped in this cheesy pretzel that also had jalapenos draped over it, I stared up to the menu board and had to rub my eyes to be sure I wasn't seeing things.... Kofta Pretzel!!

I ordered two. OK so the kofta wasn't fresh meat that was grilled on the spot, but you'd be pretty stupid to think an outfit like this was going to do that, but the pretzel, the melted cheese that had gone crispy in some parts and the reasonably nice frozen kofta meat made for a completely delicious and different way to experience kofta, and the jalapenos went surprisingly well.

Kulcha King Chicken Tikka Roll

Chicken Tikka, pretty awesome, roti bread, pretty awesome too, get the two of them with some fresh vegetables and a nice mint sauce wrap it all up and sell the thing as a roll, a genius idea that has been around for quite some time apparently, the kathi roll. The folks down at Kulcha King pull off a pretty awesome one, highly recommended for a lunch on the go. There's plenty worse you could eat! Try one today!


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