Kuala Lumpur Feasting

I love visiting Kuala Lumpur, it's a city I've been to quite a few times, hot, humid and sweaty with a thickness to the air that really makes you feel each breath. Does this tropical climate stem my appetite? Read on to find out and see the burgers, curries, street food and other random delicacies that are devoured and described to you in ruthless realism with no holds barred.

Aloft Hotel Burger

The first part of this feasting journey I stayed at the Aloft hotel in Sentral KL, and as per usual I started with the burger offering from the hotel. Below you can see what arrived at my room, it looks kinda OK, I didn't realise there was going to be a runny egg, so this was removed quite quickly... I like my yolks cooked thanks very much.

Once the egg situation was under control, I could properly decide whether this burger was a yay or nay. Straight down the middle you see a fair sized patty that appears to be reasoanably well cooked, there's a decent amount of greens and the cheese is nicely melded to the patty. There's also additional salad on the side with pickles and a few sauces. I think that's completely fair enough to serve it this way in a hotel via room service. The fries where thick and flat like planks of wood but they tasted quite good.

Not having a brioche bun was also a big plus point for me, and as I ventured into the burger I have to say for a hotel burger it was above average. The meat while not out of this world was nice enough and cooked well, the salads were not wilted and old, the bun was a good choice and while it was perhaps a tad large for the patty, putting the bun/meat ratio slightly out it wasn't enough to get you throwing bits of meatless bun around the place in a beef deficit rage. Nothing more to really go on about here, if you've just flown in, you're tired and need a burger before bed this isn't going to make you cry.

Verdict - OK for that first night in

Fuel Shack - Low Yat Plaza

After shopping at Low Yat Plaza I didn't feel like a low fat dinner so as Fuel Shack is conveniently located right outside I thought I'd give them a go. Restaurant has a nice layout, very relaxing atmosphere and opens up right to the street, there's a good selection of drinks at the bar and the staff seemed quite nice. Ordered the original shack, lamb supreme, a side of onion rings and fries that came with the burger.

First up were the onion rings, they looks pretty good with a decent amount of onion vs batter, they were ok, a tad oily, but the the white sauce they are served with not only looked terrible it didn't go with the rings at all, they were much much better with a mixture of ketchup and tabasco. The burgers looked great when they arrived, not huge, but standing nice and plump, first up the original shack, the nice soft bun, with the lettuce, tomato, crunchy pickles on the bottom and of course that glistening beef with the cheese melted onto it was making my mouth water as I was taking the pics!

The taste however didn't quite match up with the appearance, they clearly use quality ingredients, however I am not sure what they are doing to the 'aussie' beef but the consistency of the patty was so soft, a quality burger patty to me should be discernible mince that has texture and can be chewed and the beef should crumble in our mouth as you bite into it, this patty though was like mush, almost like the inside of a sausage, it just felt wrong, and that impacted the taste alot, I wont say it was terrible but I think because the rest of the burger really is quality if the patty was more like a traditional burger mince patty this burger would be amazing. It was good enough to eat the whole burger.

The Lamb Supreme was slightly better in texture, but still had a little bit of the mushiness feel to the meat, I think also matching the lamb meat with ingredients that go better with lamb, such as tzatziki and cucumber would make it a much better burger. The fries were very standard thin fast food fries that were not really eaten. Would I go again... really not sure.

Verdict - Looks better than it tastes

Little India - KL

One of the things I love about going to places like KL and Singapore is visiting the little India sections of the city. Always full of colourful characters, plenty of places to eat and as lively as you'd expect with some great bargains to be had if you know where to look and how to haggle.

When in KL little India a must have for me is the fried chicken fried rice, this is by far the best fried rice I've eaten anywhere. A very non chef looking type guy will get a huge woke going throwing in all sorts of spices and powders and with his huge ladel will masterfully work it, then while that's going he'll get a piece of deliciously fried chicken, chop it up a bit and chuck it in, finishing off the dish with some flair and dumping it all on a probably unhygenic plate for you to devour, all for around 7 ringgit.... Bargain

Other must haves when roaming around little India is the fresh coconut water, this is drink is great after a few drinks the night before to keep you hydrated in the humid KL climate, and this is actual fresh coconut water, not packaged or chopped up and shipped 1000s of kilometres, you see them chop the tender coconut up and put in a probably unhygenic straw for you to drink, I love it. Street snacks such as the vadas, samosa, bhajis and bhondas are also great to munch on while looking around the shops.

Verdict - Best chicken fried rice on the planet

Harley's - Damansara

What a let down this was... After reading about Harley's I thought it was worth the trip out to it so I can sample their 'just like in and out burger' experience. Unfortunately I have nothing nice to say about this place, it shares a dining hall with a chinese restaurant that has some yum cha style tables, after placing my order of a 2x2 burger with fries and a water I sat down waiting. I decided against a side salad as the coleslaw and potato salad looked like they had far too much mayo, kinda like standard fast food variants that are made in huge batches and put into little plastic containers.

When I the food arrived I thought it might be reasonable decent, thin beef patties that look like they've been charred quite nicely, the bun looked a little strange though. As I picked up the burger I knew something was up, the bun felt tough and slightly crumbly, I took a big bite and the texture of the bun in my mouth was quite unpleasant, doused in butter, tough on top and just crumbled like a biscuit, and experience only got worse by the flavour of the beef, im not sure how to explain it, but it just didn't taste nice, like something else was cooked on the grill before it and that flavour infused into itself into the patties, everything else with this burger was quite irrelevant at this point, just was not a nice burger experience at all.

Sadly it didn't end there, the fries were awful, with a slight fishy smell and taste to them, in addition to this it's quite clear the oil used was old, they tasted anything but fresh. It's not often I don't finish a burger, particularly one this small, I ate less than half and few fries, took my ice cold water which was the best part of the meal and left.

Verdict - Prick yourself with a blunt rusty pin instead

KGB - Bangsar

Good solid burger with nice sides. My first time in Bangsar Baru, nice hip locality and KGB suits it very well, it's a smallish store but has a decent amount of seating with an outdoor option as well, they have an open kitchen which is great, onto the food...

They have two different styles of beef burger, one is seared crust and the other is the traditional grilled patty, after seeing that the seared crust is like thin slices of beef that are pressed onto the grill I decided to try the standard grilled patty, I chose the classic 'The Shack' which by default comes with the seared crust but they will swap out it out with the grilled if you ask. Also went a side of half fries and onion rings.

First to arrive was the fries with spicy cajun seasoning, they also come with a slightly hot sauce, which I loved, the fries looked fresh cut and were fried perfectly, next up was the onion rings, these were pretty good but I thought were a tad too oily and too much batter vs onion, they just ok in my book. After another what seemed like ages wait the burger arrived, didn't look that impressive as the bun seemed to eclipse everything else, however that changed on my first and every other bite, the meat is delicious, nothing crazy going on here, just good quality beef that is properly seasoned and grilled really well, this goes with their shack sauce and the cheese to make a very tasty burger.

The salads on the burger were there but I didn't feel they added much to it, not that they needed to, I was very happy with the burger, my only slight negatives are the bun is perhaps a bit too big for the rest of the ingredients and the service was quite slow, especially considering I was the first customer of the day, I didn't like the way each item came out separately.

Verdict - Good burger especially for bun lovers

Anjappar - Little India

Time for some good ol' classic India food, finding an Anjappar I was reasonable sure the quality of the food would be reasonable. I ordered the lamn seekh kebabs, butter chicken and ghee rice with a garlic naan and a cheese naan. Now before you go on about this being Anjappar and me ordering what I did, well I felt like this and they have it on the menu, so I expect it to be prepared decent enough.

First things first, what I got served as seekh kebabs were the most disgusting thing I think I have ever put into my mouth, it felt like play dough with hard rubbery bits of crap in it, was a completely awful, vomit inducing experience, I tried another piece to see if it was just that one, but no it wasn't the whole dish was revolting and immediately binned. The butter chicken, now this actually had some kinda tomatoey flavour however they had somehow made it both oily and very watery, and the chicken pieces were quite dry, I think I may have enjoyed the curry part a tiny bit more if the ghee rice I ordered was not laden with cashew nuts. The mediocre garlic naan was probably the best thing on this order and I'm quite certain they forgot the cheese in the cheese naan, I couldnt detect any whatsover. And the icing on the cake is the lovely arrogance you get from the staff there, like they're doing you a favour. Crap place, crap food, crap staff.

Verdict - Never again

McDonalds - KL Sentral

You probably know now that I will not leave a city that has a McDonalds without try it, having a Big Mac from a new country is something I have an OCD thing about. Sometimes I go a bit mental and get heaps of things to try, far more than I could possibly finish, this was one of those times.

Because they have a chicken Big Mac that is automatically bought, and I must say, it was pretty reasonable, two cripsy chicken patties of some kind of part of the chicken with the usual lettuce and cheese but with mayonnaise instead, probably a good thing that. Now keeping with the fried chicken thing, after seeing they actually serve fried chicken pieces here I had to go for that as well, I got a wing and drumstick. The drumstick was predictably disgusting, the wing was ok, but yea overall too dry and doesn't compete with even KFC.

Onto the main event, the beef Big Mac... what a sandwich it was, the second I bit into this thing I was transported... anywhere, that Big Mac taste is yet again identical to everywhere I've had it. It also helped this one was made rather well, you can see straight down the middle it has been put together with relative care, I really enjoyed my classic Big Mac.

Grilled chicken thigh burger? Okay... well of course this was bought. After opening it up and inspecting I have to say I was getting a little worried with trying it, after dissecting it and seeing the cross section I was even more worried... but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do... after one bite, a few chews, I spat this straight back out, it was a complete disaster, a disgustingly slimy, and weirdly tough piece of meat that had a few shards of lettuce, too much mayonnaise and a bun that did nothing to hide anything. Do not try this abomination.

Verdict - Interesting

Kebab Stall - Monkey Market Bukit Bintang

There's a funny little street market in Bukit Bintang called the Monkey market, at least I think it's called that, lots of stalls selling pretty much the same gear, t-shirts, fake watches, bags, shoes and other designer gear, I like going there to stock up on singlets, they have a great array of beer themed singlets which are perfect to lounge around the house in.

Another thing they have here is a couple of donor stalls, and I must tell you they are sensationally delicious. They've got both beef and chicken, the beef is by far my favourite, they are small wraps with a few ingredients that compliment the donor meat wonderfully. They are the perfect little snack to have while roaming around the stalls fighting for a bargain. The chicken also deserves a mention here, there is some kinda fat juice that collects at the bottom of the chicken doner slab and they give you a bit of that in your chicken doner wrap and I reckon it's that filthy chicken juice that elevates this chicken doner to probably the best chicken wrap I've had.

Conclusion - When in Bukit Bintang, a stop at the monkey market is a must, not just for the bargains but for the crazy good doner wraps served up here.

Verdict - Beef still beats chicken, but it's close this time

Jassal Tandoor - Little India

Cockroach at my table. Admittedly it was a small one but it was still disgusting and terribly off putting especially after the waiter I pointed this out to squashed it with his finger and dragged it across the wall, I was pretty speechless at this point. After this occurrence I pretty much left the entire order at the table, only tasting the butter chicken just for the sake of my website review. When paying the bill they apologised again and offered some kind of BS explanation however they knew they were not seeing me again so there was no shame in still asking for the for the 130 ringgit.

Here's what I thought of the food before the bug problem arose (and slightly after). Samosa was ok, but too oily, filling had reasonable flavour, but now I wonder what I actually ate. Mixed tandoori platter that is served on a sizzling fish shaped iron skillet was completely tainted by that fish flavour, every single piece of seekh kebab just tasted like fish, I will say that the chicken malai tikka that was away from the fish was actually quite nice. Needless to say the fish tikka was not nice, instead of a nice tandoori masala flavour u get that raw fish smell and taste.

Butter chicken looked good but was completely bland and devoid of any kind of tomato taste or smokiness or even tandoori taste, was extremely thick and creamy though, it was a tasteless, pointless dish. Can't believe some ppl say this is one of the best butter chicken's in KL. Peas pulao incredibly had cold peas in it, obviously put into the dish right from the freezer just before serving, this was a first for me, I couldnt decide between the garlic naan or cheese naan so they helpfully suggested they would do a combo naan for me, this was a mistake, it has some decent garlic flavour but the cheese was wasnt really detectable and the naan itself wasn't a very good one, however maybe all their naans are like this.

The beer I ordered and the free papads were probably the best part of the meal, apart from the chicken malai tikka, that definitely was reasonable.

Verdict - Good for hobos if free

myBurger Lab OUG - Bedford Business Park

What a sensational burger. I made the trip out to this area specifically to try these guys out and believe me it's worth it. I'd even consider coming to KL specifically for this! You start by ordering at the counter, the service is very helpful and answers all ur questions and suggests stuff too. I wanted to keep it simple so I could really taste the 'star' which of course is the beef so I went the 'say cheese', I opted for the single patty only which is 120gms. I got a side order of 'awesome' fries which are their standard fries with a rosemary and thyme seasoning.

After sitting down and a short wait, my burger and fries arrived, I was surprised to see the black bun, which I am told is black due to the infusion of edible charcoal, the second thing I notice was the smell of the beef, it was really good and reminded of old school beef burgers grilling back home, after two bites of this burger I was absolutely gob smacked at how good this burger was, it was very difficult to put the burger down and take a few more pics, I am convinced this is one of the best beef burgers I have ever eaten. The patty is cooked so perfectly, it's so juicy yet properly done as beef mince should be, the red onions and 'sharp' cheddar go excellently with beef and the oven roasted cherry tomatoes add a delicious tangy/very slight sweet kick, the bun is firm yet soft inside.

This could have been my first 10 rating however the fries are what bring it down half a point, while they were not terrible I felt they were not that great, and also felt a lil tough, they just seemed to lack flavour, especially sitting next to this incredible burger. I had to ask what beef this is, I was told it's Australian beef and has brisket in it, which doesn't surprise me. I was told next time to try the 'jammin with Elvis' which has peanut butter and jelly, not sure I'd give that a go but if I can make it back I'll definitely try the 'Kick in the Face' for a spicy kick.

Verdict - Definite, 100% must try before you die

Hilton Hotel - Lamb Biryani

Usually I try the hotel burger as the first thing when at a hotel, this time though I went for the lamb biryani, the description just sounded too good.. a full lamb shank cooked with aromatic rice with herbs and spices, how could I resist?

Yeah this is not a very long review, the lamb shank was cooked well, nice and slow, but the problem is I didn't like the flavour, the meat was also way too slimy and the rice? Way too under powered, it looked great, the colours were there, even the aromas, but the flavours hitting my tongue were very mild, perhaps this is more for tourists not accustomed to a full on biryani spice. Sadly I didn'y enjoy this.

Verdict - Skip it

The Grind Burger - Seksyen 17

When I first walked into the Grind burger bar I wasn't too sure what to expect, it looks great, brick walls, hip signs, nice layout, good lighting but then you have a place that was pretty empty, lacked vibe, staff looked a bit disinterested, other ppl (back staff/managers) where just sitting around on the empty tables, anyway I sat down. After looking at the menu I choose the fiery peppercorn in beef, basically it's the cheeseburger but with a beef patty thats been seared with peppercorns, it really sounded delicious so I choose that and onion rings on top of the fries that came with the burger as I wanted to try them out too. As they serve alcohol I got a beer as well, had to ask for it twice though.

After just a couple of minutes my onion rings arrive, as soon as I saw them I was starting to lose hope for this place these looked like frozen onion rings that have just been heated up in the oil and served to me, they were also served with tartar sauce for some reason, they went much better with the chilli sauce on the table but the fact is these onion rings were crap, I could see no actual onion in them, just mush and not even mush that tasted like onion, didn't taste like anything, I stopped after eating three from the bucket they came in.

Little while later my burger and fries arrived, from the initial look it seemed it had potential, and boy did it. The patty is thick and juicy and has the cheese perfectly melted around it there's their mayo and a bit of onion and lettuce, they all came together with the light and airy bun to deliver a very good burger. The beef is so juicy here, bits of it break off as you bite, its so good, quality meat is used and these guys know how to make a patty. The cheddar is the nice dark yellow and has good flavour, the only slight issue with the burger was the fact that despite it being called the fiery peppercorn I didn't get that much of a peppery hit, it was there, but I really had to concentrate to get it, you could see it quite clearly though, however as the overall burger was so good I can forgive this.

The fries that came with the burger was absolutely fantastic too, lightly salted and 'herbed' they were so crunchy and tasty, went very well with the burger. I also tried their citrus mojito, cirtus meaning that it also has lemon and orange juice in addition to the lime, this was a great drink, try it. I see the menu on zomato doesn't actually have the burgers listed, so I've uploaded them in my pics. I highly recommend the Grind Burger bar and am perplexed why it didn't have more customers on the Wednesday night I went there.

Verdict - Amazeballs

Old China Cafe - Flea Market Petaling Street

Something I don't carry on too much on this site is my love for a beef rendang, I absolutely love this dish, a thick coconutty curry with some great spices and beef chunks that have been slow cooking for hours and are actually hard to pick up as they break apart with your fork, so after the usual internet searches I settled on the Old China Cafe, it's a KL institution so yea, has to be good... right?.. I hope so this was my second attempt to dine here, according to google at the time, this place closed at 11pm, however when I turned up after shopping one night at 9:40pm I got told it closed at 9:30pm.

This time I was there at 7:30pm and got a small table smack bang in the middle of the joint, the place is quite small but nicely done up inside, the waiter I got looked like he was gonna be a grumpy old git but turned out to be quite a friendly chap and reasonably attentive. He got me my beer pretty quick after asking, and I was persuing the menu for some starters, I settled on the fried spring rolls, nyonya fried chicken, and the beef rendang with coconut rice. Suddenly, 15 minutes later, all the dishes just arrived at once, I got stuck into the spring rolls, they looked quite ok, freshly fried, however they didn't taste that amazing, quite a boring inside that had a tad of sweetness to it, the red hot chilli sauce served with them was great though.

Next up the nyonya fried chicken, this dish pissed me off a bit, fried chicken from a restaurant should be cooked to order, coming to the table hot and fresh, these were cold a couple of pieces lukewarm at best, the chicken was extremely dry and stringy, it was crap and the wait staff new it too. Moving onto the main attraction, the reason for my visit, the beef rendang. Visually this dish didn't look like a beef rendang to me, it didn't look bad, just not like a rendang, was more like a side dish of stir fried beef with a bit of sauce, anyhow, while I was wondering why on earth my coconut rice was purple I was lumping this beef rendang over it. Right away I can tell you the sauce in this dish was great, a good coconutty flavour along with some rich spices that make a rendang so enjoyable, it went well with my purple rice, the meat on the other hand, not good at all, thin slices of what honestly could have been any animal that were dry and chewy, it made me suspect the sauce is made separately and the meat added later, as I did notice a chicken rendang on the menu too. For me this restaurant is overhyped and overrated.

Verdict - Way overrated

Kumar's Indian - Oasis Village

I was so excited to try Kumar's Indian restaurant. It looks like quite a nice place, very modern and contemporary but laid back, my experience though wasn't that fantastic. I ordered the lamb seekh kebabs, potato samosas, butter chicken, garlic naan and plain rice. While ordered I specifically told the waiter to bring me the seekh kebabs and samosa first, then the rest later, he looked at me like I was stating the bleeding obvious and perhaps I was but just wanted to be sure. The compliementary papads came very soon after. First to arrive was the samosas, followed by the butter chicken and naan, then about 5 minutes later the plain rice and lastly the seekh kebabs, needless to say I was a bit annoyed but whatever I couldnt be bothered getting that guy back to explain.

Potato Samosa - 3 small samosas served in a bowl with a sprig of parsley, no sauce of any kind was brought with them, i thought this was very strange and immediately asked for something, nothing came of course so I tucked into one, pastry was a bit thick but this wasn't really my problem with them, the real issue with these samosas is the filling, bland, forget a nice potato masala flavour of tumeric, mustard seeds and fenel, no, this didn't even have salt in it. Very disappointing. Seekh Kebabs - These were good, thick, juicy and plump, the flavour wasn't mind blowing but it was quality mince and had a reasonable amount of flavour from some kind of masala mixed into the mince, these came with a mint sauce that was quite watery and the waiter pointed out to me that I could use this with the samosa, very helpful. (/sarcasm)

Butter chicken - It looked reasonable and like it had potential but it was really thick, the taste of it though was unlike any other butter chicken I'd had before, this was just cream with orange colouring, I couldnt detect any tomato flavour, any tandoori flavour, and smokiness, nothing, all I got was cream and chicken, it was really a terrible dish, it's a pity as the chicken in the dish had potential, it was cooked well, shredded nicely and looked good its just it was doused in this orange cream that made it horrible, the plain boiled rice (they have no nice pulao or jeera rice options) didn't help the situation here. Garlic Naan - Was just ok, real garlic, was cut into 4 and bizarrely served with a stone cold dhal type dipping sauce. I basically just ate the seekh kebabs and finished off the bland samosas, leaving the rest of the meal. Then when it came time to pay their credit card machine wasn't working so they gave my card back to me and said it has to be cash, of course I didn't have any so I told them I'll go to the atm and they can give me a free glass of wine (they serve the chilean house wine cold?) which they obliged, but I had to suggest it. Overall a pretty pathetic experience that cannot be recommended at all, I do hear their fish/seafood is the best, but my feeling with the above food was this place isn't worth a second shot.

Verdict - Avoid like the plague

Hilton Hotel - Burger

Here we are... the hotel burger. I want to say straight away that I reckon this was a pretty decent hotel burger, even the egg was cooked through so no yucky runny chicken embryo going all over the place, the patty was quite thick but cooked consistently through, the bun was a solid burger bun toasted well and the salad and sauces held their own. The fries were probably frozen but were OK, honestly I don't mind frozen fries served with a burger, as long as they are hot and crisp they do their job well enough. Overall while not mind blowingly amazing this burger does rank quite highly in my hotel burgers, my only suggestions would be to cook the patty a little less, throw in a few more greens, and add some hot english mustard.

Verdict - Just above standard issue

Burger King - KL

Seeing as I frequented the competition, it seemed only fair enough to give the good ol' King a try too. I was far more conservative here with my ordering, mainly because there wasn't a great deal to try out specific to the KL market.

The whopper was below par, but you know what? So many are, so it's almost like a standard issue, it was ok, but just too messy and honestly I couldnt be bothered eating it all, just going all over the place and bits of the but had too much sauce that had leaked on it... just annoying really. The country fried chicken burger was a different story, it was put together much better, sorta like how a blind ninja master might do it, about 80% of the burger was put together very well, the other 20% missed all sauce and salads, but it was predictably good for what it was, despite the dry chicken separates held together in the fried batter, the whole combo of 80% of the sandwich was predictably ok. I knew what I was ordering, for the most part I got it, so I was some what satisfied.

Verdict - Standard issue

Built Burger - KL Sentral

You can build your own burgers here, while not a new concept it's something that's not used alot, so I was happy to give it a go. I'll be perfectly honest here, I cannot remember exactly what I went for, but it was basically a cheeseburger style one and a swiss cheese and mushroom type thingo.

There was a slight novelty watching them assemble the burger exactly how you asked, going through the assembly line seeing the relatively fresh ingredients being stacked on.

While this was a different experience, it wasn't necessarily a better one, I'll admit the burgers were not too bad, the ingredients certainly did feel fresh but there were some big errors, the grilled onions were not griled fresh per order, they are just put onto your burger from a pan that has them pre-grilled, so there's a good chance you'll get some ones that have been sitting there quite some time, something that happend to me. Also the patties were too dry and lacked a specific flavour, they reminded me of medium quality pre-made beef patties that you throw on the bbq, they can be good with the right condiments but can also be very ordinary with standard stuff. Here it's firmly in the latter. I did like the tater tots, but cmon, they are bought from the supermarket and deep fried.

Verdict - Meh

Crazy Crabs - Oasis Village

What trip to KL could be complete without a session to devour fresh crabs and other seafood? Exactly... no visit. Now I'll be the first to admit I am not the biggest seafood fan, I love seefood, but with seafood it's a bit hit and miss. Most fish I love, mostly fried but also grilled, apart from that animals from the sea I like to watch swim around and have a good time, not poached, boiled, ceviched, or cooked in a bag for me to eat.

Last time I had something like this was in Singapore, a few of us went to a market area there that had a heap of restaurants, we drank and ate alot of different types of crab, I think that was the intention here. I was so happy to see some kind of chicken wing arrive at the table, even though they were dry and bland I devoured them like a starving ape, some lamb chops then came, they looked a lil weird, slimy and all but after going at them like a surgeon to remove the gristle and what not the resulting meat wasn't too bad.

There was also some kinda clam soup that came to the table, I tried a bit of it, but it was not to my liking at all, honestly to me it just tasted like sea water with a spices, I avoided this one, then the crabs came out, a few different styles, I'm not the biggest crab eater on the planet but I had a bit of this and that and I will say the flesh was sweet and tender and it did capture the different flavours they were cooked in. Would I have it again, probably coz it's so popular and most ppl wanna go to it, but I won't be as crazy for the food as I am the company I am in.

Verdict - Definitely better with beer

Souled Out - Bangsar South

Obviously I love butter chicken, and with the sheer number of places in a city like KL has that serves it, selecting one to try is quite difficult. So I went back to the internets and tried to find one that was a bit different. Souled out kept coming up as place that does trendy hip food and the butter chicken is a favourite.

Bangsar South was my outlet of choice, just off a busy street the place was bustling, heaps of tables taken lots of hipster staff walking around, I thought ok, they might do something rather innovative and nice. I sat down, got a beer and decided to look at the menu even though I knew exactly what I wanted. Seekh kebabs arrived quite quickly, a couple of skewered bits of mince cut up into five pieces and thrown onto ap plate that has a bit of banana leaf on it, they were tasteless, bland, boring and dry. For how this place looked I was a bit taken aback at just how shite that plate looked.

Little later on my butter chicken arrived, I was a bit confused when it was placed in front of me, it had two glazed cherries in it, I was starting to think that I had mistakenly ordered an orange pudding, but the sorry dry bits of naan cut up in to triangle pieces and the two papadums that had been fried in 2012 made me realise this was indeed the butter chicken dish. I checked under the butter chicken bowl, under the papadums, and basically all over the place but there was no rice, I queried a passing hipster waiter only to be told this had to be ordered separately. I begun to realise this is the hipster/urban twist put onto this food, let's put glazed fruit in it, make the naans like biscuits and not serve it with rice! Genius!... Apart from the fact that it was disgusting, the butter chicken was so sickeningly sweet and the naan, well I've said enough about that.

Verdict - Don't waste you're time

Random Food - KL

This last little section is for the random food I had around KL. An egg partha with curries for breakfast, so simply but very delicious and for 5 ringgit worth every cent. The fried rice with fried chicken, again, about 8 ringgit, so cheap and such a delicious, filling meal, made me wanna have a nap after it. Then an authentice chicken fried rice with some chilli served on the side, really good, fresh food made in front of you in minutes for next to nothing in cost.

Being able to mix and match stuff is one of the things I love about eating in places like KL, you can have a bit of this and bit of that and really, for me, the thing I loved the most is being able to lob a few pieces of fried chicken ontop of anything I ordered, buying some snacks for seeing you through the afternoon was also a great option to have.

The sheer number of places that do similar food but differently is quite astonishing. The incredible array of noodles that have distinctly different flavours from the sauces they are sauteed in is amazing and can actually make it quite a dilemma when trying to choose one at lunch time. And for those that need it, there are plently of places that do the classies like this pretzel waffle chocolate sundae which was not only huge in size but in flavour as well.

Conclusion - KL is an amazing city, with amazing food from all over the world, it has its strengths and it has it's not so strong points but overall I love going there to eat all the delicious food they have to offer and take in the great vibe of this fast evolving city.

Verdict - Go to KL... you'll love it.

Posted 16.01.2018

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