Passed Out - Morning After

This is what happens when the Sambucca comes out the night before. Starting with a few beers and wines with dinner doesn't help either.

Don't drink the Sambucca.

Posted sometime in 2005

A Nice Tree - A Nice Tree

a Nice Tree.

It's pretty nice huh?

Posted sometime in 2007

Erektus Energy Drink - Liquid Viagra?

To keep you powered up and going hard through the long Czech drinking day have yourself an Erektus energy hit now and then.

Strangely it smelt and tasted like (what I imagine) urine.

Posted sometime in 2007

Subway Car - They Deliver!

Saw this while roaming around Prague, I really wanted them to use it to deliver, but no, it's just a billboard

I secretly wanted to take it home.

Posted sometime in 2007

Beijing Stirfry - Volvodriver Style

A night out in Beijing started off with a visit to a restaurant which had a name I can't remember. Our local friends convinced us to try these 'wines' we had a shot of each, Polish pure spirit would go down smoother than these.

In retaliation, drunk as hell I whipped up a stirfry on our table that our local friends 'had' to try, after their reactions, I think we had the better deal.

Posted sometime in 2004

Plzen Pilsner - Getting Whipped

Here's fatman and I cheering our start of yet another day of getting pretty whipped in the Czech Republic, we were especially happy today as we were heading to an Indian restaurant for dinner later.

Even zipper thought the food was OK!

Posted sometime in 2007

Teppanyaki Trouble - Don't get noticed

Unless you're really good at catching raw eggs flung at you at high speed in porcelain bowls it's best to not act too smart when dining out at a teppanyaki restaurant.

And they didn't even pay to get the shirt cleaned!

Posted sometime in 2003

Summer Fridge - Thirsty?

A few beverages to waste the afternoon away in the pool, of course these are transfered to an esky before slipping on in...

Miss the Subzero lemon flavour. Can you see the Elephant beers at the bottom in the back?

Posted sometime in 2003

Bloody Volvodrivers - Where's the Volvo?

Take note haters... there's only two Volvo's here, the one I'm in and the nice S60 sitting quitely at the traffic light as a spectator to this event.

It's a good idea to give way to buses.

Posted sometime in 2006

Wedding Bells - Jarrod and Gilly tie the Knot

Up in the classy Blue Mountains of New South Wales Jarrod and Gilly got married, of course what this really meant was me and PWNBOi could run rampant around town.

Gilly is slightly distracted by the impression on the grass PWNBOi left as we picked him up for the photo.

Posted sometime in 2005

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