British Burger Bash

I've been fortunate enough to head to London quite a many times over the last couple of years. Usually staying in central London there are so many eating establishments just minutes away, this of course includes burgers joints. I've sampled quite a few from some of the popular joints, and some not so popular, here's my take on London's best burgers...

BOOM Burger

There's a fair few burgers I've tried by now in London, so I found myself having to venture further and further away from the centre to try out some hidden gems. While this isn't that far, it was a few more stops away than usual for me but judging by everyone carrying on about it I thought it was worth the time and effort. Located in and around a local market I spent some time looking around at what was on offer before heading into the smallish but cozy restaurant. I told the somewhat pleasant girl taking my order that I'd have a cheesyboom, she recommended the fried plantains, but I wasn't sure so she decided to let me have a portion half/half which I thought was nice and ultimately made me decided she was more pleasant than not. Initally when I walked in it kinda felt she didn't want me there.

Waiting, waiting waiting, I couldn't see any ppl doing anything cooking related, I mentioned to them that I had to get going as I was leaving for the airport later that day, and soon enough I got my cheesyboom and an absolute mountain of fried stuff. The burger was a good size, stacked nicely and again with red onion! Big plus there, under the hood you could see the cheese had not just melted over the patty, it had seemed to seep into the meat, it looked good. The fries were pretty standard, nothing that great, the fried plantains, yea they were nice, but a little too oily to eat more than just a few. Onto the burger... hmm this is a tough one, apart from saying it was average, I have to say I was disappointed, with a name like boom burger and all the rave reviews about it I was hoping for something that really hit me, and it kinda did with a huge mediocrity bat. The breakdown is as follows, patty was cooked well but a bit bland, I think it needed more seasoning, the salad was plentiful but when there's no flavour in the beef it just adds to the blandness, the cheese was ok when you got it and I thought the bun was a little tough. I didn't feel the journey was worth it.

Beef - 4 | Bun - 4 | Cheese - 16 | Sauces - 5 | Salad 5 | Overall - 5

Posted 29.01.2018
Haché Burger

First off, apologies for the pics, not sure what happened here but in the process of moving the pics from my harddrive to a USB stick a whole heap of them had this happen to them, very annoying. So it was a cold November night in London and after getting home from the office my usual plan of rugging up and heading out was quickly changed to stripping down and laying on the bed watching ITV in heated hotel room. I wasn't even sure what I was going to have for dinner that night so it was an easy change of plan to stay in. I perused the deliveroo menu and decided I'd give Haché a try, I know deliveroo are pretty good with delivery so hopefully a delivered burger wouldn't be too bad.

Deciding on the cheeseburger, some slaw and fries, I lay there staring at my ipad screen watching the status of my order slowly progressing through the various stages and then watching the little avatar representing my deliverer traversing the complex streets of central London. I really like this burger, everything from the toasting of the bun, to the completely cheese enveloped thick patty cooked perfectly to the salad vs sauce ratio, it was all great, and the fact that it was delivered, even with pics as crap as these you can clearly see it doesn't look like burger that's been in the back of a delivery scooter sweltering away off it's own heat. The burger was so excellently beefy with a good cheesy hit and it was contrasted in the mouth by the slightly tart bits of flavour you'd get from the greenery. When I'm in London next this is definitley a place to visit in person, I'll also get some new pics.

Beef - 8 | Bun - 6 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 6 | Salad 7 | Overall - 7.5

Posted 29.01.2018

Guess these people don't like vowels or something. Either way if you're going to call yourself a burgerologist or 'brgrologist' then you're defintely gonna be held to that claim during testing. I went with, yup you guessed it, a classic cheeseburger and got a side of parmesan truffle fries and well coz I was there, I chucked in a fried chicken burger too, might as well see how they do chickens.

When I took the cheeseburger out of it's rather sturdy box the bun had me worried, it really looked like a sweet doughnut, glistening under the light, the big curled up lettuce leaf protuding out obviously worked in it's favour or not being a donut and then when you lift the hood it's basically confirmed that this is no doughnut, the cheesy greasy mix on the bottom of the top bun looked amazingly appetising, as did the geniunely thick grill marks on the ample sized patty. I opened up the long rectangle box to discover that some dirty bastard had rubbed one out all over my fries! They were covered in this yuck looking white sauce, who does that to fries? Seriously. They were binned immediately.

After another detailed inspection under the hood and patty for more of that mysterious disgusting white sauce. It seemed to be all clear and I dove right in. So while the inside of this shiny doughnut made it appear to you that you were not infact eating a doughnut, the bun was infact quite sweet, too sweet for me. Apart from that though, this burger seemed quite solid, the patty was grilled beautifully, charred on the outside and a little pink on the inside, lovely meat with no grisle or squeamish texture, just quality, the cheese was a bit light and lacked bite but this is easily forgiven by the next bite when you get the combination of that tangy pickle, sweet but sharp red onion, together with that lovely beef complimented by a nice crunch from the lettuce. It's a good burger that could easily be made into a great one by settling down with the sweet bun, amping up the cheese factor and to stop making love to the fries. The chicken burger was a mixed bag, that parts of it that were not drenched in siracha mayo were great, nicely fried chicken that was crisp and still a bit juicy, the rest was like eating warm muck. Overall I strongly disagree that they are brgrologist by their own definition if by this burger they were trying to share their knowledge. Perhaps I wasn't one of the fortunate few and just got served the mediocre stuff?

Beef - 7 | Bun - 3 | Cheese - 5 | Sauces - 5 | Salad 7 | Overall - 6

Posted 29.01.2018
Planet Hollywood

Despite the summer rain that evening I was determined to head to Planet Hollywood for my burger, I saw it a few days earlier while roaming around, and noticed a sign outside invting you in to try 'the best burger in town'. After seeing this I had to fit it into the schedule. Upon arrival the place was packed, but there's always room for one, and they managed to find me a table reasonably quick.

Not wanting to waste any time I asked my server for the best burger in town, the cheeseburger variety. Thinking it'd be a long wait due to how busy the place was I settled in for some people watching, but to my surprise my burger was out really quick. Initial impressions were that it had potential, patty looked nice, the fries decent, under the hood it looked quite fresh and it had a good amount of red onion. Straigt down middle you can see a rather well layered burger, however there was a fair bit of bun and more importantly the meat, looked quite well done, I was told that all burgers are done medium well, but I guess to a 'chef' in a planet hollywood kitchen that's flippin burgers, medium well vs well done is a very thin line. Apart from that the burger actually looked like decent mince.

Right so this is definitely not the best burger in town, not by a country lightyear, and to be frank with all the quality burgers nearby, making this claim and then putting out what you do is just bloody stupid. Having said that, it wasn't the worst burger I've had in London, in fact it was exactly what I would expect a joint like Planet Hollywood would churn out, an overcooked patty with decent ingredients that is neatly put together on a tall bun. I won't lie and say I didn't enjoy it, I did, mildly, the sauces (mayo and mustard I think) were great with the relatively fresh salads, the cheese, while not heaps was decently melted onto the patty and you had that pleasant freshness of the pickle and onion every now and then. Change the bun, cook the patty they way you say you will, focus on some good cheese, and you'd still not have the best burger in town, but it'd be a tad closer.

Beef - 5 | Bun - 4 | Cheese - 5 | Sauces - 5 | Salad 7 | Overall - 6

Posted 29.01.2018
Boyd's Grill and Wine Bar

Time to try the second burger offering at the hotel. In the lobby there's a nice looking grill, so after a rather longer than expected day at work I decided to stay in and order up from Boyd's Grill and Wive Bar. They have a burger of day, and there's only 30 of them apparently. According to the menu, when they're gone they're gone! Even though it was reasonably late they sure enough had some and I was able to order it.

What kinda cheese is that? Looks suspiciously like camembert, and that patty looks quite thick and possibly dry, there seemed to be some kind of onion relish under the bun and on top of the cheese, and who could miss that massive curved pickle. I did like the bun and it was toasted really well, straight down the middle you could also see there was no messing around with the cooking, it was done seriously well. Onto the taste side of things... I didn't like that cheese, I reckon I coulda handled it if it hadn't had been such a thick slice, so I removed it and continued, I gotta say this burger was better than the other hotel burger from Bianco, but certainly wasn't worth writing home about which is why I'm going to end this review here with a huge average rating. The fries however were fantastic, crispy on the outside and soft and fluffly on the inside.

Beef - 5 | Bun - 5 | Cheese - 1 | Sauces - 5 | Salad 5 | Overall - 4.5

Posted 28.01.2018
Red Dog Saloon

I really enjoyed my burger here... went for the classic cheeseburger with a side of fries and coleslaw. Service was friendly and quite quick, although they were not exactly bustling when I was there. First the not so good... I didn't like the coleslaw at all... the mayo was very eggy in taste and completely overpowered it, always a gamble for me trying a mayo based coleslaw, and this time it didn't pay off.

The burger itself was very good, the patty was cooked medium well, and was a little crumbly with nicely charred bits that were almost crunchy, which not only tasted great, but gave a nice textural difference, the rest of the burger was quality too, no sickeningly sweet bun, great cheese, and salads, and a bit of pickle that comes in every now and then. The burger sauce was great, there's wasn't so much of it that it was going everywhere and it did not detract from anything... just played a good supporting role.

Fries were pretty standard but good for standard fries, nice and crispy, not too oily... just good. I'd definitely come back for a burger when in the area.

Beef - 8 | Bun - 7 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 8 | Salad 8 | Overall - 8

Posted 28.01.2018
Patty and Bun

With a name like this how could it not be part of the reviews? I'd also been specifically told by some friends to try them out. So on the way back to the hotel one evening I tried out the place at SOHO via takeaway. As soon as I saw 'Ari Gold' on the menu I had to have it, also it sounded pretty awesome, smokey mayo, pickled onions etc. I also got a hot chic chicken burger for good measure.

What a messy beast, cheese all over the place, under hood the smokey mayo mixed in with the good amount of picked onions, and nice dollop of ketchup at the bottom, somehwere inside was some lettuce and tomato apparently. The cross section view confirmed the mayhem here, the gorgeous mayhem. This beast was so delicious, that sharp bright orange certified triple processed cheese from the US of A was just brilliant with the British beef, another affirmation of the special relationship between the US and UK!

And it didn't end there, that smoked mayonnaise together with the pickled onions was a delight and then all of a sudden you'd get that slightly tart, slightly sweet hit of the ketchup, this was a beautiful burger and I was very happy that the brioche bun didn't really interfere too much. I should say that the lettuce and tomato may as well have not been there, they were irrelevant, totally not needed here, I reckon that's in no short part due to the magnificent pickled onions. The hand cut fries (or chips) were not crisp at all but they were damn tasty, demolished them all. The chicken burger wasn't a great hit, too dry and I dunno just boring after the Ari Gold.

Beef - 7 | Bun - 6 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 9 | Salad 5 | Overall - 7.5

Posted 28.01.2018
Carnaby Burger

Underwhelmed. Look it wasn't bad, I was just hoping for something more. Carnaby burgers, from what I had read was supposed to be pretty kick arse, located in trendy SOHO I headed over after a spot of shopping. The menu surprised me, there's alot on there for a place that has 'Burger' in it's name. I was delighted to see buttermilk fried chicken, so rather than fries I went with this to accompany the 'classic'. I was torn between the 'Pepperjack' as it had jalapenos, and the classic with it's red onion, which I love on a burger, also the pepperjack had peppercorn sauce, something I like on steaks but perhaps not a burger. So I just got some jalapenos on the side for my classic.

Coleslaw on the side, I love a light coleslaw, it helps freshen your palate mid meal when feasting on fried and meaty goodness. On the other side there was a few bits of dried lettuce leaves for some odd reason. Right in the middle was the rather impressive looking classic burger, it came to the table with the top of the bun to the side, proudly showing off the cheese wrapped patty, after putting on a the jalapenos and then the bun back on top, the first thought I had was 'thats alot of bread'. Straight down the middle you can see a very well constructed burger that seems to be a little light on the salad side, the meat didn't look that fantastic to me, seemed a bit pateish on the inside, and yes there was alot of bread.

The conclusion I came to from the first bite did not change at all right up until the last bite, this burger was sensationally OK. Being spot on about the excessive bread, the rest of the ingredients, particularly the additional jalapenos helped save this from being a disaster. But nothing really stood out here, which was a pity, I really was expecting some nice flavour from the beef but it just wasn't there, the cheese also wasn't strong enough, I really feel the bread was just a little too overpowering for anything to shine. On another note, the buttermilk fried chicken bits.... amazeballs, but still not enough to have me bothered going here again.

Beef - 4 | Bun - 3 | Cheese - 5 | Sauces - 5 | Salad 5 | Overall - 5

Posted 28.01.2018

Location: Box Park at Shoreditch, I was in search of Bukowski. I'd heard about it on the internets and that it was hidden amongst shipping containers in this area. Sure enough, tucked away in the remotest corner of the top level of Box park there it was. The place was empty, but as usual I was quite early, I settled for a bench inside and immediately chose the cheeseburger.

Really enjoyed my burger at Bukowski. Patty was a bit small for the bun from a coverage aspect, however the meat was thick and cooked beautifully, not bloody but not dry and killed twice, burger was still juicy inside. I also liked the way these guys didn't skimp on the salad, two slices of tomato and a good amount of lettuce layers really helped this burger, the tomato was on the top with the cheese and the lettuce on the bottom with the pickles, good combination I reckoned.

The simple cheeseburger and the ingredients went really well together, the bun was nice even though I think brioche buns are overused at burger joints. Loved the pickles and mustard, melded really well with the meat and cheese (which was melted really well onto the patty). Flavour in the patty is intense... must be from the charcoal grill. With a better bun choice I think this burger would be much nicer.

Beef - 8 | Bun - 6 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 7 | Salad 9 | Overall - 7.5

Posted 28.01.2018

There are Garfunkel's locations all over London, and one just happens to be right outside the hotel. While they aren't known for their hamburgers there's of course one on the menu, and well I did say that I'd be trying out some not so popular places as well. Having said that my expectations here were not as low as you'd think, I've had some other dishes from here and while not mind blowing, they were actually pretty decent, so perhaps the burger wouldn't be too bad either.

There's only one way to tackle this review, and that's with brute honesty, a cold, stale bun that was untoasted held together one of the most terribly disgusting burgers I think I've ever half consumed. We've all eaten processed meat, but you don't expect it on a burger, and someone needs to tell the 'chefs' at Garfunkels, this patty was just awful, I'm not sure what is in it besides meat, but it felt like a sausage consistency, even biting into the patty produced a mild pop that you get when piercing the intestinal tract lining of those meat sticks, and hearing it here when consuming a burger was off putting to say the least. Did I mention the flavour? No, good, well coz there bloody well was none, it was like chewing on wet cardboard. It's strange because I really do think this burger has potential, all they have to do is use real meat, have fresh buns that are warm, show a little more interesting in the construction and you'd have a half decent burger in your hands.

Absolutely no point harping on about this, until they do what I suggest, stay away from this burger abomination, there's much better dishes on their menu like the avocado toast or the chicken strips, both simple dishes but done really well.

Beef - 0 | Bun - 0 | Cheese - 7 | Sauces - 2 | Salad 2 | Overall - 2

Posted 28.01.2018
Bleecker Burger

My first attempt to try the apparently legendary burgers from Bleecker was foiled as they had a problem with their gas, I was terribly disappointed, as I had planned the day meticiously around being here for lunch. Anyway luckily on my second visit everything was functioning normally. They say they are bringing New York style burgers to London, I've never been to the big apple myself so I'll have to take their word for it, I opted for the cheeseburger, not the double, just the single so I can taste everything in proper proportions. Across the way is a little bar so I got myself a cheeky glass of red to wash down the beef.

Before I knew it my cheeseburger was up, looking pretty standard with nothing really jumping out I took it to one of the benches and began the examination. In addition to the meat and cheese, you get some lettuce, strangely though there is no onion, you only get onion if you got the double cheeseburger, now I know that onion has good properties for breaking down copious amounts of meat but keeping it off the single was a bit slack I reckon, I love onion on my burgers and just naturally assumed it'd be there. The patty looked like it was char grilled very well, the bun had a nice light toasting and thankfully the sauce wasn't dripping everywhere, looking like quite a manageable burger here.

Visual inspection over, I dived right in, and BOOM! Another fantastic burger the mix of the American cheese with whatever that sauce is and the beef which was cooked perfectly made for a burger party in my mouth. The simplicity of the ingredients and how good they tasted really said something, apart from the sauce, I dunno what their sauce is, maybe thats what made this taste so good. The bun was a typical seasme seed burger bun that was the exact size for this burger, and held everything together just right, the little bit of lettuce actually did add some good textural crunch, the melted american cheese on the patty was just divine, I couldn't help but think how much nicer this would have been with some slightly grilled, still crunchy onion, such a shame but still so so good.

Beef - 8 | Bun - 7 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 8 | Salad 7 | Overall - 8

Posted 16.01.2018
Dirty Burger

While googling around for more burger options in central London I came across this place. Who doesn't love a dirty burger eh? So on a sunny Saturday morning I decided to go for a longish walk down to Vauxhall to try their offering out. I got there nice and early and was the first customer for the day. I went with the standard cheeseburger and some fries

Hearing the preparations underway I went for sneak peak to their open kitchen area and saw these two patties sitting on the grill with a generous amount of mustard on them, I hadn't seen this before and it made me really curious and eager to get this burger into me. When it arrived on the table the first thing I noticed was the bun, it was really shiny, I touched it... it's steamed! like a bun on a filet'o'fish!, it was so soft and almost wet, very strange and somewhat worrying start. I pick up this hot wet burger and dive right in.

Before I say what I'm about to say here it should be clear to you, the reader, that from my website I am rather experienced with burgers, from all over the place and all different types, but when I took a bite of this burger I thought for a moment could this possibly be the best burger I've ever eaten? It was just an amazing experience, this soft wettish bun that was holding together this incredible patty with cheese masterfully melted all around the place, a bit of salad and pickles somehow made this thing taste out of this world. I was truly shocked and admittedly after a few more bites I settled down but still this burger was just brilliant, I loved it, these guys know what they are doing. I'm heading back to London soon and this will be firmly at the top of the list for a revisit, just to be sure this wasn't a fluke, coz for now, I simply cannot flaw the burger, especially the patty, maybe it was the mustard being cooked in, I dunno, I mean I could say that the bun might have been nicer not so steamed, or maybe the cheese could have been a bit stronger, but for now, the overall package, near perfect, let's see if my second visit ups it to a perfect 10.

Beef - 10 | Bun - 9.5 | Cheese - 9 | Sauces - 9 | Salad 9 | Overall - 9.5

Posted 16.01.2018

Another interestingly named burger joint which intrigued me, particularly the latter part of the name. I decided to head to the Covent Garden outlet, keen as ever for my burger I actually arrived before they opened, so had to wait around like some kind of desperate hobo, soon enough I was let in and start persuing the menu.

When I saw the words 'green chili' and 'cheeseburger' I was sold. Continuing to look at the menu was pointless. A few minutes later here it is, when I unwrapped this beast I must say I was salivating, it looked so bloody good, the melted cheese on each patty, the green chili slathered over it, the glistening bun and those two beautfully charred burger patties. Under the hood you can see the amount of green chili they've put on, of course at this point I realise that this is a green chili sauce/chutney type thing rather than using raw green chillies. the but was also really soft, untoasted but warm and gave the burger a really nice feel when picked up.

After about 3 bites I had to tear the burger away from my mouth in order to get the down the middle pic, it was so moreish, the green chili certainly was not hot for my palate but instead added a pleasant zing to a quality burger, the meat was cooked medium leaning to rare, which is a big no for me in burgers, I've said it before here that I believe burger mince should always be cooked through, but that's on the basis of the quality of the meat not always being the highest in the mince, however these guys, I am sure use some top quality cuts to get their burger mince so while I would have rathered the patty taken a little further on the grill it didn't bother me. The only ever so slight negative here was the cheese, I think it was lost amongst everything else, I didn't really get it. All in all though the burger was pretty darn good, good enough to have it again for sure.

Beef - 8 | Bun - 7 | Cheese - 6 | Sauces - 7 | Salad 7 | Overall - 7.5

Posted 16.01.2018
Bianco 43

Rightio, first I realise this is a pizzeria, however on their main menu, under the meat section is a homemade beef burger. This is right in the hotel I am staying at so having this is a no brainer. So on the first night of one of my many trips there I ordered this, and well despite being slightly hungover from my flight I still regretted it the moment I bit into this monstrosity.

Even at the worst times I know a burger, I know them well and this was terrible, the incredibly thick slab of meat was completely dry from top to bottom and devoid of any flavour or seasoning, the cherry tomatoes are pointless on a burger, and the bits of green wild rocket were so bland they were as useful as the invisible tomato chutney, which of course meant the burger was even more dry than it looked as there was no moisture apart from the acidic juice droplets being squeezed outta the silly cherry tomatoes as my vice like grip got harder and harder on this filth due to my drunken anger on how bad it was.

The bun felt it was sitting in the kitchen for a couple of days and wasnt even warmed or toasted, and the cheese was just disgusting, not sure what type of cheese it is, the menu says its Scamorza, I dunno but it certainly felt there was some kinda scam going on here. I ate half and then returned to my bourbon. I don't care if you're a pizzeria, if you have a beef burger on your main menu and charge 13GBP for it, I expect it to be at least reasonable.

Beef - 1 | Bun - 1 | Cheese - 1 | Sauces - 0 | Salad 1 | Overall - 1

Posted 15.01.2018
Gourmet Burger Kitchen

I've been to Gourmet Burger Kitchen a few times in Dubai, and they're not too bad, especially when they aren't delivered, so this was a must on the BBB. They weren't too far from where I was staying so I got takeaway and headed to the hotel for feed while I watched TV and continued to work.

The packaging on the burgers I did like, cardboard boxes branded with their name and most importantly they kept the burger together while letting out a little air so the burger didn't have that steamed effect when opened. Look at the beauty... I must say I was rather impressed when I opened the box, this burger looked like the business, there was melted cheese going all over the place, but only on the burger, smoked chilli mayo was a great colour, the salad looked crunchy and the bun so toasty and ready to be squished together.

Straight down the middle you can see the quality beef and the hand made patty, the layers of flavours from the mustard and the pickles, the oinons and that delicious mayo. As predicted the bun was sensational, so like and fluffy but parts were ever so toasty and crisp and added yet another layer of texture when devouring this beast. I was truly amazed at the pure beefy goodness I was getting with each bite and that the other ingredients just melded with it so well and complimented the beef rather than trying to take it over.

Immediately I can declare that GBK in the UK, or at least this one, is far superior to the GBK in Dubai. I want to alsos mention the superfood salad, was very fresh and light, great way to cut through a heavy burger like this one, the fries were ok, not really worth mentioning, I also picked up a classic fried chicken burger just to give it a whirl, I have to say this was rather pathetic, a tiny piece of breaded chicken that was completely lost in the bun and other ingredients. Either way though this is about beef and that was great, looking forward to it again!

Beef - 8 | Bun - 7.5 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 8 | Salad 8 | Overall - 8

Posted 15.01.2018
Mother Flipper

Interesting name... this burger joint is a food stall that runs in the Brocklet food market every Saturday, open between 10am - 2pm, giving you a massive window of four hours every week to get there to try them. I've read some people online saying they are open somewhere else as a proper bricks and mortar however I couldn't locate them, and their website (at the time of writing) doesn't mention a second location so getting there midday Saturday was my only option.

Typically I went for the standard, here named the mother flipper cheese burger and a side of their fries. There was a decent amount of people waiting for their order before me, so while waiting I strolled around the market looking at the other food options, all looked pretty good, and even another couple of places doing burgers, sadly for them not pulling in the crowds like mother flippers. After getting my order I realised there's nowhere to sit down and eat, so I roamed around and found a brick fence by the side of the carpark that worked out well as a table.

After the two above paragraphs of wafting on, I'm gonna cut straight to the chase here, this burger really underwhelmed me. Let's be clear on something, nothing was technically wrong with it, there was quality beef mince, perfectly melted cheddar, fresh ingredients, a bun that wasn't sickeningly sweet. I think the issue is this burger is so hyped all over the net by it's fans that I was really expecting something that would blow my socks off (note I wasn't wearing socks) but it simply didn't do that. On it's own a very solid entry that was hard to really complain about, but in my not so humble opinion on burgers, this is hardly London's best.

Beef - 8 | Bun - 7.5 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 6 | Salad 7 | Overall - 7.5

Posted 08.04.2017
Byron's 'Proper' Hamburgers

With several locations around London, Bryon's was the first on my list as it was literally around the corner from the hotel. A quick walk down the strand and I was there...

Above we have the classic cheeseburger paired with mature cheddar and the chilli queen which comes with American cheese. I'll give them this, both burgers certainly looked and felt like 'proper' hamburgers, big thick pattie, soft 'squishy' buns and overall good looking ingredients. After the first bite the cheeseburger was a little underwhelming, don't get me wrong it was good, but I was expecting more, on the second and subsequent other bites it gets better, you can really see and taste the quality of ingredients, the flavour of the beef was fantastic, but I must say the patty was a tad dry, something I was worried about when I first saw the thickness, but it's a forgivable flaw in an otherwise very good burger. I particularly love the way the mayonnaise is there, you can taste it, but only just and it doesn't go everywhere.

The Chilli Queen really took me by surprise, this beautiful little beast was just brilliant, with actual real green chillis sliced lengthwise and the chipotle sauce with lettuce and American cheddar, you don't even notice the slightly dry patty, it was lovely and I want another one. In conclusion, Bryon burgers are very good, with an excellent bun, quality meat, simple and fresh condiments and a slice of dill pickle with each one, I think they do make proper hamburgers. Excllect proper onion rings too!

Beef - 8 | Bun - 9 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 7 | Salad 7 | Overall - 8.5

Posted 15.08.2015
Honest Burgers

On the next evening, I managed to convince some colleagues into a brisk walk up to Honest burgers, I'll admit though, there wasn't much convincing needed, who doesn't like a burger?!

Upon arrival, there were quite a few people milling around the outside, the tiny restaurant looked packed and my friends were looking like they were not up for a wait. After talking to a nice lady she assured us we'll be seated in 15 minutes. She lied, but it wasn't too bad and the fact they served beer kept my dining companions from fleeing. The menu is pretty simple, chicken done one way, beef done three ways, and a veggie burger done three ways. I went with the classic cheeseburger done with mature cheddar and a side of onion rings. Burgers were fantastic, the onion relish was beautiful, everyone agreed they honestly were great burgers and the rosemary salted chips that come with the burger were only surpassed by the totally amazing paprika flavoured onion rings, the best onion rings I have ever had, anywhere.

The quality of the pictures are terrible I know (I have updated some of the pics based on a subequent and equally delicious second visit), the light was bad, the restaurant was packed, and it was a rather hurried experience, this burger is definitely better enjoyed away from the establishment, or on a quiet night, although with the quality of the burgers and the great beers on offer I can't see them having a quiet night. In conclusion, Honest burgers are worth the wait and trying the onion rings is an absolutely must.

Beef - 7.5 | Bun - 8 | Cheese - 7 | Sauces - 7 | Salad 7 | Overall - 7.5

Posted 15.08.2015
Burger & Lobster

Somehow I managed it again, convincing some colleagues to have another burger or lobster? What are they doing with burgers and lobsters? We had to find out..

From the outside Burger and Lobster looks like a fine dining establishment, a big restaurant, elegantly laid out, mood lighting and just generally up market looking. Not sure they would let the likes of us in, we walked up to the waitress who was seating diners. After deciding a wait for a table wasn't necessary because eating at the bar was allowed, we opted for that. As soon as I sat down I asked for the menu, there is no menu, it's just lobster done two ways or a burger. I went for a burger and so did my dining companions. I opted for cheese (again). A few bourbons later the burgers arrived.

They make good burgers at Burger and Lobster and I quite enjoyed mine, however I have to say, there was a faint lobstery flavour in my burger, my friends were not convinced they could detect it but I certainly could, that or maybe the couple seated next to me were devouring their lobster like they hadn't eaten for a week. In conclusion, I'd have this burger again, but only if someone in the group wanted lobster, with Byron and Honest just minutes away they'd be the first choice.

Beef - 6 | Bun - 7 | Cheese - 6 | Sauces - 6 | Salad 7 | Overall - 6.5

Posted 15.08.2015
Tommi's Burger Joint

With my fellow travellers pretty much burgered out I had to venture out alone to the last burger stop for this trip. Was it really worth it?

Situated on a corner, Tommi's Burger Joint stands out nicely. I arrived slightly early, just before midday, even so there were a few patrons already inside enjoying the fare. Again the menu here is quite simple, a beef burger, a veggie burger and a steak burger all with or without cheese. The choice was obvious, a cheeseburger and some fries. My order did take quite some time to get to me, once it did I was so starving it could have been a veggie burger for all I cared. Thankfully it wasn't. It looked a very nice burger, starting with the all important bun, nice and soft, toasted slightly. The pattie was again thick but was not dry at all.

There was plently of extra sauces to add to the burger on the table but I really didn't need anything more than what was on the burger, it was a great, delicate mix of the sauces with red onion and the usual other culprits. This burger was oozing quality, however my one gripe, something that bothers me a bit when it comes to burgers is the patty wasn't wide enough for the whole bun, so I had two to three bites where no or little meat was present. In conclusion, great burger made with quality ingredients, however would I choose it above honest or Byron's Chilli Queen? Maybe, depending on how far away they were and how hungry I was!

Beef - 7.5 | Bun - 8 | Cheese - 7 | Sauces - 8 | Salad 7 | Overall - 8

Posted 15.08.2015

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