British Burger Bash

I've been fortunate enough to head to London quite a many times over the last couple of years. Usually staying in central London there are so many eating establishments just minutes away, this of course includes burgers joints. I've sampled quite a few from some of the popular joints, and some not so popular, here's my take on London's best burgers...

Mother Flipper

Interesting name... this burger joint is a food stall that runs in the Brocklet food market every Saturday, open between 10am - 2pm, giving you a massive window of four hours every week to get there to try them. I've read some people online saying they are open somewhere else as a proper bricks and mortar however I couldn't locate them, and their website (at the time of writing) doesn't mention a second location so getting there midday Saturday was my only option.

Typically I went for the standard, here named the mother flipper cheese burger and a side of their fries. There was a decent amount of people waiting for their order before me, so while waiting I strolled around the market looking at the other food options, all looked pretty good, and even another couple of places doing burgers, sadly for them not pulling in the crowds like mother flippers. After getting my order I realised there's nowhere to sit down and eat, so I roamed around and found a brick fence by the side of the carpark that worked out well as a table.

After the two above paragraphs of wafting on, I'm gonna cut straight to the chase here, this burger really underwhelmed me. Let's be clear on something, nothing was technically wrong with it, there was quality beef mince, perfectly melted cheddar, fresh ingredients, a bun that wasn't sickeningly sweet. I think the issue is this burger is so hyped all over the net by it's fans that I was really expecting something that would blow my socks off (note I wasn't wearing socks) but it simply didn't do that. On it's own a very solid entry that was hard to really complain about, but in my not so humble opinion on burgers, this is hardly London's best.

Beef - 8 | Bun - 7.5 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 6 | Salad 7 | Overall - 7.5

Posted 08.04.2017
Byron's 'Proper' Hamburgers

With several locations around London, Bryon's was the first on my list as it was literally around the corner from the hotel. A quick walk down the strand and I was there...

Above we have the classic cheeseburger paired with mature cheddar and the chilli queen which comes with American cheese. I'll give them this, both burgers certainly looked and felt like 'proper' hamburgers, big thick pattie, soft 'squishy' buns and overall good looking ingredients. After the first bite the cheeseburger was a little underwhelming, don't get me wrong it was good, but I was expecting more, on the second and subsequent other bites it gets better, you can really see and taste the quality of ingredients, the flavour of the beef was fantastic, but I must say the patty was a tad dry, something I was worried about when I first saw the thickness, but it's a forgivable flaw in an otherwise very good burger. I particularly love the way the mayonnaise is there, you can taste it, but only just and it doesn't go everywhere.

The Chilli Queen really took me by surprise, this beautiful little beast was just brilliant, with actual real green chillis sliced lengthwise and the chipotle sauce with lettuce and American cheddar, you don't even notice the slightly dry patty, it was lovely and I want another one. In conclusion, Bryon burgers are very good, with an excellent bun, quality meat, simple and fresh condiments and a slice of dill pickle with each one, I think they do make proper hamburgers.

Beef - 8 | Bun - 9 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 7 | Salad 7 | Overall - 8.5

Posted 15.08.2015
Honest Burgers

On the next evening, I managed to convince some colleagues into a brisk walk up to Honest burgers, I'll admit though, there wasn't much convincing needed, who doesn't like a burger?!

Upon arrival, there were quite a few people milling around the outside, the tiny restaurant looked packed and my friends were looking like they were not up for a wait. After talking to a nice lady she assured us we'll be seated in 15 minutes. She lied, but it wasn't too bad and the fact they served beer kept my dining companions from fleeing. The menu is pretty simple, chicken done one way, beef done three ways, and a veggie burger done three ways. I went with the classic cheeseburger done with mature cheddar and a side of onion rings. Burgers were fantastic, the onion relish was beautiful, everyone agreed they honestly were great burgers and the rosemary salted chips that come with the burger were only surpassed by the totally amazing paprika flavoured onion rings, the best onion rings I have ever had, anywhere.

The quality of the pictures are terrible I know, the light was bad, the restaurant was packed, and it was a rather hurried experience, this burger is definitely better enjoyed away from the establishment, or on a quiet night, although with the quality of the burgers and the great beers on offer I can't see them having a quiet night. In conclusion, Honest burgers are worth the wait and trying the onion rings is an absolutely must.

Beef - 7.5 | Bun - 8 | Cheese - 7 | Sauces - 7 | Salad 7 | Overall - 7.5

Posted 15.08.2015
Burger & Lobster

Somehow I managed it again, convincing some colleagues to have another burger or lobster? What are they doing with burgers and lobsters? We had to find out..

From the outside Burger and Lobster looks like a fine dining establishment, a big restaurant, elegantly laid out, mood lighting and just generally up market looking. Not sure they would let the likes of us in, we walked up to the waitress who was seating diners. After deciding a wait for a table wasn't necessary because eating at the bar was allowed, we opted for that. As soon as I sat down I asked for the menu, there is no menu, it's just lobster done two ways or a burger. I went for a burger and so did my dining companions. I opted for cheese (again). A few bourbons later the burgers arrived.

They make good burgers at Burger and Lobster and I quite enjoyed mine, however I have to say, there was a faint lobstery flavour in my burger, my friends were not convinced they could detect it but I certainly could, that or maybe the couple seated next to me were devouring their lobster like they hadn't eaten for a week. In conclusion, I'd have this burger again, but only if someone in the group wanted lobster, with Byron and Honest just minutes away they'd be the first choice.

Beef - 6 | Bun - 7 | Cheese - 6 | Sauces - 6 | Salad 7 | Overall - 6.5

Posted 15.08.2015
Tommi's Burger Joint

With my fellow travellers pretty much burgered out I had to venture out alone to the last burger stop for this trip. Was it really worth it?

Situated on a corner, Tommi's Burger Joint stands out nicely. I arrived slightly early, just before midday, even so there were a few patrons already inside enjoying the fare. Again the menu here is quite simple, a beef burger, a veggie burger and a steak burger all with or without cheese. The choice was obvious, a cheeseburger and some fries. My order did take quite some time to get to me, once it did I was so starving it could have been a veggie burger for all I cared. Thankfully it wasn't. It looked a very nice burger, starting with the all important bun, nice and soft, toasted slightly. The pattie was again thick but was not dry at all.

There was plently of extra sauces to add to the burger on the table but I really didn't need anything more than what was on the burger, it was a great, delicate mix of the sauces with red onion and the usual other culprits. This burger was oozing quality, however my one gripe, something that bothers me a bit when it comes to burgers is the patty wasn't wide enough for the whole bun, so I had two to three bites where no or little meat was present. In conclusion, great burger made with quality ingredients, however would I choose it above honest or Byron's Chilli Queen? Maybe, depending on how far away they were and how hungry I was!

Beef - 7.5 | Bun - 8 | Cheese - 7 | Sauces - 8 | Salad 7 | Overall - 8

Posted 15.08.2015

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